Thank you, Winnie the Pooh.

It started here. 


Winnie the Pooh is brilliant. Every day is my favorite day!

I don’t generally write posts with link lists, but so many things have made me smile on the World Wide Web recently. Do yourself a favor and click away. I promise at least one smile. 

First, what I wanted to do with Cholula (and was less than successful).

Retro-fabulous, from back in the day and just the other day.

I felt a little bad about teasing you with the eggnog recipe. Until I went on my Pinterest page and found it in the form of scrumptious cookies. I also am drooling over these noggy muffins… and when the words “boozy” and “cake” go together, how can you refuse? 

Speaking of booze… I’ve got my eye on a few holiday cheer ideas. Like this one (and I don’t even really drink gin). And this one– hot buttered rum revisited (“It’s totally time to drink butter!”). And, well, being a bourbon gal… I snatched up the ingredients for this gem already. Stay tuned!

Last, this list of ways to Say Yes to Yourself from the lovely Jolie completely inspired me. Whether TODAY is your favorite or not so great, pick a few things on this list and make the day better. My favorites? Be kind to others. Bake and eat it all. Turn off your phone.

And let a dog kiss you. 


I hope today is your FAVORITE.

*Good Day print from Etsy!*


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