Off the ledge.

Newsflash: I don’t handle stress very well.

Captain Obvious strikes again.

(I can already hear John choking on his cocktail as he reads this “revelation.” The poor guy lives in the line of fire.)

I tend to get overwhelmed easily. Stack too much on my Plate of Life and, well, I sort of freak out. I lose the ability to determine how good or bad a situation is, make a huge deal about something tiny, get headaches. I procrastinate (like right this very second). I look at my beloved LISTS of things to do and freeze up. What’s odd is that in my professional life, I am my most productive when I am the most busy. Something clicks and I just make it happen. I’m a machine! But in normal life- now, for example– I can’t seem to catch my breath.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Don’t get me wrong- most of the stuff that’s been happening is GOOD! It’s just a lot, all at once. I have a delicately balanced handle on things, but a teeny tilt one way or the other throws me off, past the point of recovery. This happened last night.

I won’t go into much detail, because it’s all irrational anyway. (Aren’t most meltdowns?) Let’s just say that during our two-day gap between trips, the list of things to accomplish related to our house, yard, dog, wedding, and jobs was long and daunting. I felt anxiety growing as we brought our suitcases in from the car, but I had a plan! I had a list! Let’s do this! Then, a couple of unexpected bumps in the road knocked me off kilter.

I may or may not have had a tiny meltdown.

(Sorry, John.)

I had lost perspective, you guys. I talked about perspective a couple of weeks ago, when a glance at the calendar made me GULP. All of the things that are “stressing me out” are positive. I need to regroup. Reset. Take a CHILL PILL and be grateful that I have too many good things coming my way. That’s what this blog is all about! But, as we all know, sometimes it’s easier said than done.

I have a tad more clarity today (read: I’m feeling like less of a freak show), thanks to an overdue bubble bath and a sweet hubby-to-be that brings me wine. I forced myself to take a step back and smile about fun stuff that has recently happened in my life and what is on the way. Trust me, I realize how very blessed I am.

Let me share a couple of fun, happy things!

One thing I’ve learned about myself is that when I’m stressed out, I don’t take good care of myself.  My go-to stress-free dinner is so easy, and it’s healthy. I keep a flatbread or pizza crust in the pantry for nights just like last night. You can put anything on them- pesto, jarred tomato sauce, veggies, cold cuts, leftover grilled shrimp…whatever. This time, I used a whole wheat flatbread and some veggies and herbs I had on hand. I drizzled the crust with olive oil, sprinkled it with mozzarella and parmesan cheese, and gave it a few shakes of garlic salt and dried oregano. I got artsy with sliced zucchini, squash, and tomato and added a bit more cheese.


After ten to twelve minutes in the oven, I added color with fresh Italian parsley and basil. An arugula salad with avocado and a glass of Pinot Noir completed a super tasty and healthy meal- in under 20 minutes.


A lightning-fast dinner gave me time for a much-needed soak in The Wok. Being summertime, I haven’t used the tub much lately. It’s amazing what a 20-minute “time out” in a cloud of lavender bubbles can do.


Um, I may have mentioned that we have been having some landscaping done at our home. What I might have neglected to say is that it’s a MONSTER job. Excavators, cranes, backhoes, Bobcats, dump trucks, piles of stone, dirt, mulch, gravel…and many, many people. I’ll do a “before and after” post at some point, but today, I introduced myself to a couple of new flower friends and greeted a few of our glorious new trees. Look!


Also breaking news regarding Home, Sweet Home: window coverings. Yes, we’ve lived here since February without privacy (my apologies to the neighbors) or protection from the sun. Today, a magician named Ben changed that! The photos are tricky because of the lighting, but you get the idea.


What you’re NOT seeing? The gaggle of landscapers directly outside of those windows! That in itself is miraculous. I mean, check this out. This is just a small gathering during lunch. HELLO.


And now, back to work. The clothes dryer just sang me its little “I’m done- your turn!” song. The honey-ginger syrup for lemonade is probably cooled by now. And I haven’t started packing yet for 5 days of camping… My lists aren’t any shorter. My perspective is just better.

Life is good.


  1. Good food, good plants, good people – things are good! Like you said, it’s all about perspective, thanks for sharing the positive vibes.

  2. yet another gorgeous place in your beautiful home: that tub!!! I soooo want a tub when I do my home ( great for relaxing on mondays after work) lovely post as always 😉

  3. Firstly, wow, your house looks amazing!
    I’m also not one to handle stress well, so thanks for the advice about the perspective of it. I too feel much better after a soak in the tub with a glass of wine brought in by my husband (even if it is just for five minutes before the babies require my services!)

  4. Too much of anything isn’t a good thing – even if it’s all good stuff! The best life (in my opinion!) is all about balance & moderation. Too much at once makes it hard to keep a positive perspective – Wine helps bring perspective back around where it should be!!!

  5. You are so blessed to have found a man who understands when you’re in meltdown mode and brings you wine (and I’m sure whatever else you need to get through it). My wonderful husband is always there to talk me off the ledge when I slip into a meltdown, and helps me regain perspective (he brings me wine too!). Great post (the pizza looks yummy too) – thanks for sharing!

  6. The pizza looks amazing. And so does that TUB. I’m a soaker (not a showerer) through-and-through. If I don’t have time to relax when getting clean, I’ll just skip it and take a quick splash-bath in the sink instead. Bathing is like ritual for me. Showers? Pft. Waste of water.

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