After this post, were you worried about me?

I’M OK. In fact, I’m doing great! John and I gave ourselves permission to change the plan (gasp!) and allow ourselves a little breathing room between trips. An extra day has really made a difference. Instead of scrambling, we feel excited for our camping trip!

As I explained, I get overwhelmed easily. Sometimes it’s over a lot of nothings, like burning a batch of granola or the incessant clicking of my ceiling fan. Sometimes it’s prompted by a bigger something, like my wedding coordinator resigning from her company 2 months before our Big Day. HELLO. It’s all good now, but I had to shove my heart back down out of my throat a couple of times in the last two days.

But guess what? Good things are coming! We roll out bright and early tomorrow for a little lake just outside of one of my favorite placesDurango, Colorado. We’ll be spending 5 days on Haviland Lake, doing camp-y things with my mom, dad, brother, and sis-in-law (and three dogs!). I’ve got a few things in mind that should make the trip extra fun, but mostly we’ll be paddling around the water or chilling lakeside with fishing poles. Purrrr.

I’ve got honey-ginger lemonade and homemade granola ready to go. John made his gourmet burgers for the night we’re hosting dinner for the fam.


Betty is clean and tidy, with fresh bedding and the pantry well-stocked. The best thing about camping in a sweet little trailer is that you can make it kind of decadent. Betty’s bed is small, but has a cushiony mattress cover on it, and soft jersey sheets. We’ve got the space management down to a science by now, and have every creature comfort imaginable- cozy throws, candles, clothes on hangers. We pack our clothes in little baskets and bring awesome food along. I’ve got a stack of magazines ready for browsing. It’s the opposite of “roughing it”- but it sure is fun.


I can’t wait to share our latest Betty adventures with you next week!

After our stellar road trip to California, I came home to some happy blog-related things.  I was nominated for two blog awards, which makes me feel tingly. I’ve also been asked by my friend Jorie from The Midwest Maven to be a guest blogger in a couple of weeks. I’ll keep you in the loop! It’s such an honor to be thought of by fellow bloggers in a positive light.

I’ve got to say that being out of the daily blogging routine is tricky! I’ve missed it. After being away, I find it hard to find enough time to share all of the things I want to share. I feel like I can’t catch up with my favorite blogs, either. I’ve got some reading to do, and the list is long!

(Speaking of lists, here’s a shot of my work area this afternoon. Maybe I need a better system. And a handle on my coffee addiction.)


When we return next week, the rumble of the Bobcat will be gone, and hopefully our squirrel friends will be starting to return to their new and improved digs. It’s looking just lovely outside, changing significantly each day! I’m so thankful for the hardworking landscapers who have been transforming our home.  It will be fabulous to clink a glass in our new outdoor space when we return. I met my new favorite succulent today!


Oh, and remember when I cooked a lot? Like, ALL THE TIME? I’ve been missing spending quality time with my kitchen these last couple of weeks, and can’t wait to dive into some new recipes. I’ve got (more than) a few I’m excited to try. (I recently realized this list-making method is not as effective as pinning recipes on Pinterest!) Side note: I absolutely love fall and winter cooking. It’s not far off.


You know what else I’ve been missing? CHOLULA. She stayed with a dog whisperer trainer during our California extravaganza, and we couldn’t believe how much we missed our little crooked-eared beast. I’m amazed at how well-behaved she is being, now that she’s back home.  I’m just LOVING the puppy kisses she is giving out like candy! Welcome back to the pack, sweet beast.


And now, off we go again on another adventure. Summer’s almost over- get out and enjoy your weekend! 

Until Wednesday, friends!


  1. awww Cholula is just too darn cute!! I don’t do camping much [don’t like the idea of tents and sleeping on the ground] but doing it in Betty sure seems like it would be fun [comfy and warm] 🙂
    PS. I like your handwriting

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