Keep it SIMPLE, Sweetheart!

(I changed it from “Stupid” because I’m not.)

I learned this morning over at As Time Goes…Buy that tomorrow, August 1, begins Simplify Your Life Week.


This week involves getting ready for guests, having a full house, hosting a party, prepping for a road trip, and wedding decisions before being gone for weeks. My list to accomplish in the kitchen today includes whole wheat apple muffins, baked cinnamon granola, and fresh squeezed honey-ginger lemonade. There’s mayhem in all areas of our yard, adding to the frenzied feeling I have. Simplify? This should be interesting.

After some thought, I decided that it’s all about perspective. Doing one thing at a time. Baby steps. Enjoying the process, not just focusing on the final product. I mean, we LOVE having guests in our house. It’s BUILT for hosting get-togethers. I get to try a new recipe for muffins, and have a date with a cup of coffee AND my juicer! Wedding planning is planning my WEDDING to John- what’s more wonderful than that? And all of the mayhem in the yard is going to result in something beautiful. Ahhhh. I can do simple, can’t I?

Simple joys:

Backhoe photos.




Trying a new wine and loving it (shocker!).


Pre-made swordfish skewers- easiest gourmet dinner ever.



Evidence of a happy dog.


Forced downtime for juicing!


Sometimes I need to stop and regroup. This seems like the perfect week to do it. 


What do YOU do to “simplify”?

*final image from Positively Positive


  1. I simply LOVE your life!
    The most important thing I do to semi-simplify is to clean my kitchen. Our kitchen is the most used room in our home and gets cluttered VERY quickly. Visual clutter is a major stress point for me. I can’t relax. It makes me grumpy and irritable. I know, you’re shocked, right? Because I seem so amazingly zen?


    So yeah. Cleaning my counter and shining my sink. It’s my simple little happy place.

  2. Where are goin for weeks and will you be blogging :). That’s a long time without you! I need to simplify dinners. Stop thinking too much into it and figure it out at the beginning of the week so I’m not stressed!

    1. That’s a good one. I need to learn how to use what already have on hand instead of shopping for recipes. I’m headed to Cali and then to Colorado! I hope to blog while I’m gone!!

  3. Ha! Love this post. I’m all about simplicity so I can do what I REALLY want to do (be lazy).

    1) Don’t cook – we eat mostly fresh veggies, 2) Don’t shop until there is a “need” (rather than a want) – rarely, is there, 3) Minimal electronics usage, 4) To the farm for food – outdoor activity and connecting with nature and animals beats the grocery any day, 5) Fun with gear – a Frisbee, football, or fishing pool so easy to carry anywhere, 6) Collect and write down (yes, pencil and paper) thoughts on the back porch swing while watching birds on the feeder – I too LOVE lists!! 7) Nature hikes, and “I spy’s” with the kids: “I spy a lightening bug!”

  4. Sounds like you’ve got a lot on your plate! But you’re right, it is all about perspective. What will I do to simplify my week? Hmmm… Well I am thinking about going to put myself on a spending freeze for August… as in no buying non-essentails. I think that will make my life a lot more simple. One less thing to worry about. But it will be challenge! either way I’ll blog about it lolz

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