Bliss bits 6/20.

It’s BLISS BITS Wednesday! Here are my little bits from this week that made me smile.


The world’s best steak sandwich, made with leftovers from Dad’s feast.


More baby succulents!

One of many butterfly friends in our backyard. 

Cupcake anticipation. (Cue drool.)

A Ska True Blonde beer in my Drive-by Truckers koozie.

A wet Cholula is a happy Cholula.

Mid-day guacamole break.

Glorious yellow flowers on the golf course adventure.

Zested and squeezed for Mr. Crumble’s filling.

I repotted my spider plant and it thanked me with a tiny bloom.

B.F.D. (Breakfast for Dinner) a la John.

You know. Just the usual bliss.

* Remember to follow along on my Photo-a-Day journey and Life List accomplishments!

Stay tuned for another CHECK off of the list!


  1. Two things:

    1) I didn’t know spider plants bloomed! My sis gave me a spider plant shoot that came from my mom’s plant (which came from my grandpa’s plant, etc…) last Christmas. It’s growing like crazy, which makes me so happy. I hope someday it’ll bloom, too.

    2) I love B.A.D. (Breakfast as Dinner). My husband, Mike, is awesome at it. Glad we have that in common, too.

    1. I’m not sure I did, either, but it’s a tiny, cute little flower that deserved a photo. 🙂 I will say that when I thought it was getting a little too big for the pot, I repotted it- and realized that I should have repotted it MUCH sooner! The roots were all wrapped around each other. So now I hope it gets bigger, faster!
      BFD is so good. Love when the guys take over!

  2. Beer, sandwiches, and bacon. I think you nailed everything that matters in this world, all in one post.

  3. dogs, beer, bacon, guac – you are truly a woman after my own heart. throw in a nanny and some travel and we’ll call it perfect 😉

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