And I just can’t hide it.

I’m pretty excited.

I woke up today to this, as usual. As I slowly transitioned into consciousness (and I mean slowly), I just started feeling happy. The good happy that comes from somewhere deep. Why? Well, a few fun things happened yesterday, and a few fun things are on the way…

First, these kind of made my day. Possibly only another person who treats their dog like their child would get this, but I thought they were the best thing ever!


Puppy cookies! In the shape of HUMAN JUNK FOOD! There’s so much there to giggle about. Cholula was pretty into them (shocker). Note the nibbley teeth marks on the faux hot dog.


As Cholula enjoyed a guilty pleasure, so did I. Like a quarter wheel’s worth (oops). Mmmm.


Last month, I learned about Birchbox randomly through one of my favorite blogs, Hungry Girl Por Vida. Well, the box for May arrived, filled with tiny product samples. I’m one of those people who stashes hotel shampoos and lotions and soaps, every time I stay somewhere (I have a large drawer full of them). So this is super fun! Plus, who wouldn’t love to get a beautifully wrapped box of girlie treats? Mini-Christmas! Eeeee!




There are a couple of cool blog-related things that I’m looking forward to, as well.

I was tagged by Loni Found Herself and am stoked to dive into my many, MANY photos for the challenge!

Also, another fellow blogger (momoftwosalums) read this post about my adventure with soba noodles. We have a fun co-blogging foodie challenge for each other in the works that we’ll dive into next week. Stay tuned!

And the last, BIGGEST fun thing coming up- we are currently packing up for a family road trip to Bozeman, Montana. That town has meant nothing but good times for us, and I’m ready for more of this.







Life is good.

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    • Penny is a DOLL! Cholula definitely sniffed the suspicious treat for a bit, then gave a test lick. The next time I looked over, she was done with the fake-pizza and had those ears up, begging for the hot dog… classic.

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