This and that.

Ah, Monday. I kind of forgot what you felt like.

Today is the first Monday in awhile that’s actually felt like one. Working part-time from home blurs the lines of ‘workday’ and ‘weekend’ for me. But after 5 days away, I had some catching up to do. True to form, I made a list. I just love crossing things off! The blog had its very own section on my list today.

First, a thank you to Fat Mum Slim for inspiring me to start the Photo-a-Day challenge last month. I successfully participated every day in May. Take a look! I got caught up in posting June’s photos so far, too. It’s one of my fun Life List projects, and a few of my fellow bloggers friends are participating now, too. I’m inspired!

Speaking of photos, a cool project this week is to select photos for HostelBookers 7 Super Shots. I was tagged by Loni Found Herself to join in the fun (thank you for thinking of me!).

As I mentioned here, momoftwosalums and I challenged each other to make something new in the kitchen that we’ve been intimidated by. I decided to try a fish dish. I know it’s supposed to be easy, but for some reason, I’ve shied away from trying it. Stay tuned on Friday for our dual cook-off!

I have diligently been keeping up with my Life List updates. I just went ahead and crossed off #68. You may notice that some of the ‘easy’ stuff has not yet been tackled…don’t judge. It’s about the journey… right? Meatless Monday continues tonight! Check my progress here.

And now, I’m going to attempt my new recipe for the week, using RHUBARB from Nancy’s garden. What’s your favorite way to use rhubarb? I’m thinking some kind of ice cream (which also takes care of #4).

Wow, Monday is starting to sound pretty good. 


  1. I do a photo challenge too! I love it.. i’m up to day 50. I will check out all of your pics tomorrow.
    I LOVE rhubarb but it’s impossible to find here and its very expensive.

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