Easy like Sunday morning.

Something weird happened today.

I inexplicably woke up at 7am. (We’ve been over this.)

I decided to go with it, and snuck quietly out of bed, leaving my two loved ones snoozing away (both snoring slightly). I made coffee (duh) and settled in on the couch. The living room was really lovely in the morning sunlight. A cup of joe, a throw blanket. My scene looked like this.


I love that you can see the puppy toys strewn around the floor, the newspapers still in green bags on the console table (unread), the box of wine bottles to be recycled in the background, the wilting bouquet of garden flowers from John on the table. Just life.



I savored the quiet, the kind of quiet that is impossible to find later in the day. The ticking of the kitchen clock was my only company. Until someone woke up.




I guess it’s time to start the day.

Happy Sunday!


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