The other woman.

I came home from my trip to Durango (more on that later) to discover that John wasn’t exactly alone while I was gone…and potentially didn’t even miss me.

Meet my competition.


This is Sky. Apparently, she’s quite rare. Her sound is unique. She certainly has some killer curves. I have to admit- she’s a looker.

This isn’t the first time John’s become enamored like this. He has a harem of lovely ladies in the music room- Pearl, Rose, Smokey, Slash- all waiting anxiously for their next chance to charm him. One by one, they sauntered into our lives, shiny and alluring, dazzling John with the exhilaration of something new and different.


I’m sure the routine will be similar, and I certainly know the drill. He’ll nervously make up reasons to spend time at home, then scamper like a schoolboy back to the music room. He’ll be distracted when I try to talk with him, his eyes glazed as he daydreams about his new crush. He’ll spend hours searching catalogs for beautiful accessories with which to adorn his latest love.




I’ll feel pangs of loneliness, listening to the music they make together through the wall. I’ll start wearing lipgloss around the house, trying to catch his eye. I might even experience the sting of rejection if I knock on the door and interrupt their time together. I’ll tell myself it’s just a phase, it won’t last…

But just when I think just maybe I’ve lost John forever, he’ll get bored. He’ll emerge from the music room in a daze, closing the door behind him. I might sulk and pout a little bit. But eventually things feel normal again. Sure, he may pop in to visit the girls now and then. He may spend some time searching around town for his next conquest- and I’m quite sure there will be others.

But I am okay with it, because music is John’s bliss.

And because he always comes back to me.


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