Counting Wildflowers

There’s a small window of time in late spring/early summer where the mountains of Park City are covered in a rainbow of wildflowers. Everywhere you look, there are blooms in every color that rival any home garden. It makes hiking my favorite trails simply glorious- an absolute mood-booster! Depending on the snowpack and spring rain, different areas will be more colorful than others each year. I’ll discover a particularly beautiful trail and go back again and again while the flowers’ short season is here. Two years ago, we had a spectacular wildflower show, but the little bean that would become Oden was growing away in my belly and making me exhausted and sick. I remember getting onto a trail in July and realizing with a pang of sadness that I’d missed many of the flowers. Last summer, I definitely enjoyed the season on a few hikes with Cholula, but my 3-month-old kept me pretty occupied! So this year, I’m thankful for a wonderful nanny who gives me a few hours to myself each week. I’m also lucky that Oden loves chirping like a bird and holding dandelions in the backpack, soaking up nature with his Mama. Just look at what the last month on the trail has gifted us!

Trails: Road to Wos, Gorgoza, Empire Pass/Deer Valley, Bloods Lake, and a random one near home. June 3-24, 2017

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