Easter Weekend 2017

I have such fun memories of Easter as a child. I remember getting dressed up for church and my dad singing the same powerful song to the congregation, year after year. I was so proud to be his little girl that I’d scoot over into his seat while he sang so everyone knew he was my dad! And Easter rivaled Christmas in the feast, the family time, and the gifts. Sure, we had Easter baskets. There was a lot of candy. We had an egg hunt at my Grandma’s, but it was unique in that she’d stick a dollar bill or even California lottery tickets in some of them. She’d hover over us when we’d find one, helping us scratch it with a penny to see if we’d won big! We also had a treasure hunt with clues that led us all over the yard and house to big bags of presents. It was so fun! We may have been spoiled, but just like with Christmas, I don’t remember the goodies so much as the traditions and the family time. These are memories I’ll have forever and I look forward to holidays to begin traditions with Oden.

Obviously, Oden is still a tiny kid who won’t remember these first holidays. Though it was magical and full of new memories, I definitely put too much pressure on myself for his first Christmas! Oden was born before Easter last year, but he was a mere 25 days old when the bunny made the rounds. Look at how tiny he was!

This year, we kept it simple. Unlike other years, my family wouldn’t be here. It’s been a stressful time with John’s work lately, so in my mind, the perfect Easter weekend would be a quiet one with our own little family. I think we succeeded! The weather cooperated for some time outdoors. John took Oden for a hike in our new backpack baby carrier and they both loved it! Their special father and son time warms my heart, and I can’t wait to get back onto the trails with my little dude, too.

On Saturday evening, we got “dressed up” (read: Oden wore shoes!) and joined our friends at a local church for an Easter service. Oden is such a music lover and waved his party hand around during the singing part, and was content to play with other kids his age (and different toys) during the service. My only regret is that we didn’t get a family photo of us! After church, our friends came over for an Easter eve supper. We had a great time with them, and after Oden’s bath and bedtime, I kept it easy on myself by serving scrumptious quiche I’d ordered from some local bakers with a big salad. I also ordered a 4-layer carrot cake… it’s a holiday, after all!

The Easter Bunny came the next morning! At Christmas, we had so many gifts for Oden that we were still opening them well into January. The same thing happened at his birthday party! Instead of going overboard, he received a little basket with a book, a ball, a stuffed bunny, and some bathtub crayons. He also got a dump truck (that was actually one of his last birthday presents!) Oden had no idea what the Easter Bunny is or why he was getting gifts, but he enjoyed it and so did we. We let him crawl around on the grass in the sunshine before nap time and told him about hidden eggs with lottery tickets in them.

Later, after nap time, I snapped a few shots of my big boy with the same stuffed bunny that he posed with last year. What a difference! Time flies. He’s so joyful!

The weather was begging for an outdoor activity, so we packed up the Howe Family Circus and took a wagon walk near town. Not only has it become apparent that Oden loves being outside, but he loves that wagon! He found a pinecone and clung to it while he made bird sounds and pointed at trees. Cholula got some tennis ball time and we hung out on the grass at a park for a quick snack. Oden was brave enough to crawl all the way up a big hill to get to Daddy. I tried to get a good photo of my boys, but, well… I tried.

We had a little mommy/son dance party when we got home. I cherish those moments because I know these days are numbered; he’s a walking, ever-more-independent toddler! For our own Easter dinner, I made spring veggie risotto. Oden was my taste-tester and kept doing the hand sign for “more”- he loved it! So did we.

The weekends go by too quickly these days, and family time makes way for jobs and chores and errands. I’m so thankful we had some special moments together to celebrate Easter! Oden and I have a trip to California next week to look forward to, and more memories to make with my folks for Mother’s Day in Colorado. Time keeps moving and we are trying to make these fleeting moments matter!

I hope you had a fabulous Easter weekend, too.

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