Bliss Bits 2/16/2016

Life is pretty slow these days…kind of like me! I recently mentioned the pre-baby lull we’re experiencing. We’re as prepared as we’re probably going to be, and now we simply wait for Baby Howe to shake things up with his/her debut. Can you believe my due date is 16 days away? That simultaneously seems ridiculously soon and also an eternity from now. I feel mostly great, just tired and sore and big and slow. This week, I found myself thinking, “It’s time for baby to come out” for the first time. Judging from my new aches and pains and measurements from the doctor, it certainly won’t be long now!  Until then, I’ll be re-checking my hospital bag list, stocking the cupboards and fridge, rubbing my belly, and savoring the calm before the best storm of our lives. What a perfect time to take note of those little happy moments in every day! Here are some from the last couple of weeks.


How beautiful is this lunch I enjoyed with a friend? Good Karma is the best!


John’s dear friend Turner came to town (and he brought a foot of snow with him!). #happyboys


This year, for the first time, John has been able to hike and ski our back hill! See his turns?


It’s as if Kate knows that I’m pretty sure Baby Howe’s arrival is going to coincide with the full moon…


There’s that brave bunny again!


A tasty Mexican joint in Midway opened up a location in Park City! Yum.


Sometimes it’s hard not knowing the baby’s gender. Like when I see the cutest tiny swimsuit EVER.


Someone was definitely using their brain when they opened up a donut shop next to the baby store.


Chocolate chip toffee cookies for the win (and for Superbowl)!


37.5 weeks worth of BABY in there.


Beautiful hiking weather this past week!


She’s either avoiding my hormone-ness or right on top of me. I take the snuggles when I can.


So thankful to have dog-friendly places to romp with Cholula!


A sweet friend who is a fabulous photographer helped us memorialize the BUMP. Stay tuned!


At some point, I’ll share Baby Howe’s nursery details, too!


A warm-ish, spring-ish day called for pistachio gelato. (I shared.)


My babies.


I’m a fan of Valentine’s Day because I’m madly in love.


We celebrate with awesome food at home. This year, we had killer burgers and baked fries by candlelight.


John even made this preggo mama a scrumptious Valentine’s dessert: An Oreo milkshake!


Reason #9,037 why I love him: This is what I find on his bedside table.


One year ago, our homemade feast was a couple of pizzas for Valentine’s Day!


Two Valentine’s ago, Hot Chef Johnny made me his delicious spicy shrimp pasta dish.


Three years ago, I made a heart-themed breakfast for my Valentine. #heartbacon


We went tubing and had burgers and chili dogs at a local dive bar later that night!


Four years ago, our two households became ONE when we moved into our new home in Park City!


Five years ago, this is what a typical weeknight dinner looked like for me. I enjoyed living alone!


And today, I’m trying to muster up the energy to get this sweet, deserving girl out into the sun. 

You know. Just the usual bliss. 

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  1. You don’t know me, but I’ve been following you for awhile so I feel like I totally know you! I think it started back when somehow I found your blog after searching for any information following the Cabo Hurricane in September 2014 and somehow, your fascination with your husband, your dog and your cooking just hooked me full in. I now feel compelled to write to you and tell you how much I enjoy every blog you write. You just have a way with words. And your photos inspire me to try to be a better photographer, even though I’m just an amateur! So with that, I just want to wish you well with the remainder of your pregnancy and tell you that you and your husband are going to be the most wonderful parents. That is one lucky little baby you’ve got in that cute bump! I will anxiously be awaiting the arrival! PS, it was because of you that my husband and some of our family made a trip to Flora Farms on our last trip to Cabo! I loved it!!!

    1. Lori, what a sweet comment to read! You really made my day! By the way, I’m a total amateur photographer, too. I just am a visual person! Thanks for the kind words about the pregnancy- it’s almost done and we’ll be onto the next adventure. OMG- Flora Farms is one of my very happiest places on earth! 🙂

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