Anything but frightful.

We knew from the weather report that a big storm was heading our way this week. The anticipated snow totals at home were in feet, not inches! We haven’t really seen snow like that this early in the season since we built this house, and to come in time for Christmas (which is also John’s birthday) felt like a special early gift!

IMG_3592 IMG_3588 IMG_3589 IMG_3591

Waking up to fat flakes fluttering to the ground and a landscape coated in a cottony blanket of white is simply magical. Last night, John got a head start on some shoveling, though you could hardly tell this morning. While he braved the roads to hit the slopes (ski widow season has commenced), I couldn’t resist bundling up and walking around in this real-life snow globe. Cholula sensed an adventure and wagged her tail furiously while I pulled on a thermal of John’s (my belly pokes out from under mine!). The only weatherproof jacket that would zip over the baby was also his! Sufficiently cozied up in a hat, gloves, and snow boots, we set off through the neighborhood- a serious winter wonderland.

P1240014 P1240022 P1240023 P1240027 P1240030 P1240034

Even finding my way down the front steps was tricky in all of the powder. The driveway had been plowed hours ago and was now coated again. This snow was deep, wet, and heavy despite the light flakes falling. The sky and mountains and ground were all the same color- white. The neighborhood was quiet, its usual sounds cushioned by the snow. Occasionally, I heard the avalanche bombs going off at the nearby resorts or a snow-blower paying for itself somewhere on the next block. My little crooked-eared Yeti bounded through chest-deep drifts, sometimes dipping her head under the snow for a sniff and disappearing altogether before popping her head back up, nose covered in the white stuff. I couldn’t help but giggle at her antics and her joy was contagious. I found myself sticking out my tongue to catch snowflakes and humming a song from childhood: “If all the snowflakes were Hershey Bars and milkshakes, oh what a snow that would be. I’d stand outside with my mouth open wide… ah ah ah ahhh ah ah ahhh ah ah ahhh…”

P1240036 P1240039 P1240043 P1240049P1240045P1240047

I waved at a few neighbors shoveling their walks. Each one said something along the lines of, “Isn’t it beautiful?” and smiled, despite huffing and puffing in their work. You don’t live in Utah if you don’t at least kind of like snow. Days like today (which we haven’t seen many of in the last few years) are what most residents pray for all winter long. I could already hear John’s gleeful account of his ski day. I knew his boot-driers would be humming away tonight and he’d be searching for clean ski socks later. ‘Tis the season, as they say.

P1240024 P1240050 P1240053 P1240055 P1240058

I pushed some of the heavy snow away from the walkway when I returned to the house, saving the serious shoveling for my mountain man. I stomped the snow from my boots and left them by the door; I’ll need them all week long. This storm is expected to continue through tomorrow night, with another one arriving right behind it on Christmas Day. Is there anything better than a truly white Christmas, bundled up in long johns and slippers with eggnog, a loved one, and a fire blazing, watching the flakes sway to the ground from inside?

P1240048 P1240060 P1240061 IMG_3580

Come March, I’m over winter and the sun worshiper in me starts to go stir-crazy. This year, I’m sure I’ll be too preoccupied with Baby Howe to care! But today, with three short days until Christmas and feeling extra shmoopy and nostalgic, I feel nothing but contentment and gratitude. Life is good.

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  1. We aren’t even due to have snow here until the day after Christmas. I am hoping that it comes early. It’s funny how some dogs don’t mind the snow and others just hate it. My dog is impossible to get outside when it is snowy,. She even tries to go to the bathroom without any of her feet touching the ground. It’s amusing to watch.

  2. Your pup is such a hoot in the snow and then taking a nap – made my day, made me smile, made me chuckle 🙂 Thanks for sharing the snow – I will be enjoying the warmth, sun and sand this Winter!

      1. I did 30 years in the Midwestern Frozen Tundra then did 11 years in the Sierras and now it is time to be a Floridian for a while – ha! That wet, heavy snow can wear you out and it is hard to shovel let alone snow blow.

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