Spring shenanigans.

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Every March, The Canyons Resort holds an end-of-season party which involves a pond-skimming contest. Basically, people dress in costume and create outrageous vehicles in which to ride down a ski slope and skim across a pond at the bottom. The event is always full of debauchery and dancing and good people-watching. (Take a peek at this link to see more from this year! You’ll laugh!) Nancy, Spencer, and Sydney always come into town for it so Spencer can play MC, and it’s a treat for us to have a weekend with dear friends (especially when a visit from John’s family was canceled last-minute- boo). I didn’t always pause for photos over the weekend, but managed to catch a few fun moments: happy hour at home, the big event, family brunch time, a girls’ day, and a BBQ with extra friends. The sun even stuck around until the weekend was over. Welcome, spring!

Last year’s pond-skimming weekend

More Park City fun


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