Welcoming Spring.

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Full guest rooms and homemade coffee cake. A balancing egg we named Greg Jacobs. Pedicures with the ladies (including the little one). Homemade gnocchi and braised leeks and roasted beets. An over-full dining room table. Late night bumper pool games. A meal filled with laughter at our favorite restaurant. Silly costumes, sunshine, and ski runs. A man named “Rayon” with a braid, courtesy of my husband. A pink disco ball ski helmet. Pond-skimming shenanigans and music by Willie Nelson’s son. An early morning fishing expedition. Greasy spoon brunch. Ceramics painting with an 8-year old. Biscuits, shaz-animals, and a theme for the weekend, thanks to Dexys Midnight Runners. Memories made with friends who are really family.

Welcome, Spring.


  1. Just love reading your blog! We found it while researching a hike into the Yurt. Excited to go in mid April! Let me know if you are ever in SLC. My husband and I would love to pick your brains about your adventures

  2. You are having way too much fun over there! We love exploring the country in our backyard here in the basin, but it seems like folks in PC just KNOW how to have a good time. Happy Spring to you!

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