I would never, ever describe myself as a morning person.

(My dad laughed out loud at that statement.)

I’ve tried to make friends with morning for my whole life. I’ve been known to throw things at my best friend when she dared wake me at an early hour. I envy my husband, who can rise with the sun without a black cloud hovering over his head. He brings me coffee and goes about his morning, knowing that I need more time than most to shake off the remnants of blissful slumber and join the world. It doesn’t matter what time I go to bed or how much sleep I’ve gotten; waking up hurts.

morning1Collage IMG_0786 morning4Collagemorning9Collage

The irony here is that I actually love morning time. Once I’m up, I can appreciate what a special time of day it is. I love the light. I love the quiet. I love the promise of each new day, hours ahead to fill with work or play. Most days of the week, it’s just me and Cholula, and we have our morning rituals and habits together that are our own. She is one lazy beast in the mornings, just like her Mama, but she’s her sweetest with the fuzzy corners of sleep still blurring everything. I especially love the chilly, early days when I shuffle around in my slippers, hearing the birds heralding the day and sipping my beloved coffee.

morning10Collage morning8Collage morning2Collage

On weekends, mornings begin as late as we please and revolve around bed. John will bring coffee to my bedside table and snuggle back under the covers, Cholula happily sandwiched between us. It’s her dream come true, the three of us together with her in the middle, both scratching her belly while we chat or read the paper or browse magazines. John’s an excellent chef, but weekend brunch is where he really shines- dancing to reggae music, refilling my coffee, and creating something magical from a few eggs, herbs, and potatoes. They’re by far my favorite meals of the week, and some of my favorite moments together, when morning lasts well into the day.

morning12Collage morning11Collage IMG_1632 morning7Collage

I came across a post dedicated to mornings on a blog called Enjoy It. Unlike me, Elise is a morning person. But in the same way that I do, she cherishes that time for its calm and comforting routine. She shares photos she snaps as her days are beginning: her sweet baby, the sun rising, lots of coffee. As I write this post, I also realize that I’ve recently purchased two photo books on the subject: A Year of Mornings and My Morning View. Clearly, I’m charmed by the idea.

morning6Collage morning5Collage morning3Collage IMG_1506

So, behold: morning, in the eyes of someone who is enchanted by the time of day (but would rather still be sleeping).

*All photos from this spring.

One year ago: Al fresco everything.


  1. I am also not a morning person! I try to go to bed early, thinking it might help, but it never does. I just love to sleep! I love my job, and once I’m up, I’m happy to start the day, but making my way out from under the covers requires a huge effort! My favourite part of the weekend is sleeping in!

  2. Hahaha, Amber, I so totally relate to this post! I love the idea of being a morning person but I just can’t get on board. I need the noise quiet and the light dim for the first hour after I wake up. That transition time from deep sleep to awake needs to be a gentle one!

  3. I’m a total morning person! However, in the winter when it is so dark in the mornings, I struggle. If the sun is up at 5, so am I! I love that you romanticize mornings 🙂 I love them too.

  4. I have BECOME a morning person. Scott is up around 3:30a, and I join him around 5a for a half hour before he heads to work. I only get to enjoy that blissful quiet to read and do office time before the whole house wakes up at 6:30a for school. Then I run a home school among other things. No time left at the end of the day save crashing. You could say being a parent has MADE me a morning person. Believe me, I would love to sleep in on a weekend, but the schedule sticks even on a Saturday!

    Sorry about your reluctant spring. We are enjoying the downsides to wacky weather — it’s in the 70’s here rather than the 90’s. Go figure. Your spring photos are just fab, snow or no. The last one of Cholula is how I feel most mornings!

    1. I do believe that kiddos will change everything regarding mornings/schedules! Springtime is definitely here (despite our random snow days). Can’t wait for garden time!

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