A little perspective.

I spent the last week back East, visiting with John’s family in Connecticut and Boston and soaking in the perfect fall weather. We returned home late last night.

Re-entry this morning hasn’t been very fun.

Daylight revealed that some of my indoor plants died while we were gone, despite watering them before we left. We experienced our first snow while we were away, and the early cold has officially ended our gardening season. Bell pepper and basil plants didn’t survive. Inexplicably, my left ankle is swollen and sore. I dug out my foot brace and have been apologizing to Cholula all morning- so much for the big “reunited and it feels so good” hike I’d been planning for us today.

P1100674 P1100675 P1100677 P1100678

These are slight annoyances, but the real kicker? After I’d uploaded all of my photos from the trip, iPhoto shut down mid-edit and the whole batch disappeared. Over 250 cherished photos of precious time with family in an amazing location- GONE. 

When unpleasant things happen that are beyond our control, it can be maddening– especially for a Type A-ish person like me. Experiencing a break-up with a close friend. Struggling through starting a family. Feeling the sting of professional rejection. This year has been peppered with uninvited reminders that in these moments, when there’s nothing to be done and dwelling on a bad situation only makes it worse, it’s best to let it go.

I kind of want to go back to bed and start over tomorrow. Instead, I’ll hobble around in my little foot brace and give Cholula extra treats. I’ll water the still-living plants and bring the happy Italian parsley plant indoors. I’ll store the harvested green tomatoes and hope that they ripen up. I’ll smile at the memories of this fabulous family trip, still fresh in my brain. I’ll catch up on laundry and scour my cookbooks for the week’s meals. I’ll pull out the cozy sweaters from their high shelves and enjoy the warm autumn colors on the hillside.

P1100672 photo-6P1100671 P1100669

I’ll chalk it up to an “off” day and move on. I’ll take a few deep breaths- in with the good, out with the bad– and be grateful for yet another reminder to remember the big picture.

Let it go. Life is good. 


  1. I can totally relate to having off days like this. It seems like they happen a lot this time of year (for me). I think they happen a lot during the season changes. I hate losing photos, and that exact same thing happened to me a couple of years ago with iphoto. Grrr. Feel better.

    1. I think I recovered the photos, so that’s a huge plus to a not- so-awesome morning! I agree that the change in seasons brings a feeling of… unsettledness or something. Do you have powdered sugar on your mountain peaks, too??

  2. This is just what I needed to read this evening Amber. A perfect reminder for me after a ridiculously stressful day…breathe, focus on the little things that are still so sweet, and reeelax!! Tomorrow will be a better day for us both, I can feel it!! Sweet dreams!! Xoxo

    1. I’m sorry your day was hard- you must have a million things on your to-do list with your little one coming so soon. I hope you get a good night’s sleep and feel refreshed tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Sorry for your poo poo day, but glad you had a great trip. Wish we lived closer so Kimo could recover the lost photos for you. If you haven’t re-used the memory card for your camera card yet, the photos can usually be recovered fairly easily even after they’ve been deleted.

    1. iPhoto had a database recovery thing that I discovered after multiple attempts and searching for the photos. It worked, thankfully!! I wish we lived closer so we could just hang out. 🙂

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