Four days with The Fam.

I’ve said it before: I really lucked out in the family department.

I don’t mean to, but I’m sure I take them for granted. Compared to a lot of people, I see my family often. We’re all a little nutty, but my parents love each other and they love their kids. My awesome brother, Matt, was smart enough to marry his partner-in-crime, Jodi, 6 years ago. And the newcomer, John, doesn’t bat an eye when the Bianchi Family Steamroller takes over- he climbs aboard!

When my dad’s 75th birthday rolled around earlier this month, we all brainstormed gifts. An age-old question: what do you get a guy who has everything he needs? Pops doesn’t want STUFF, we thought. He’d appreciate a memorable experience more. And so the plan formed for my parents to drive in from Durango this past weekend, and- unbeknownst to my dad- Matt and Jodi would be coming in from Denver, too. When my folks arrived and got settled, John and I poured them both a happy hour drink (while Matt and Jodi hid out in the back room). We sat my dad on the couch and told him to close his eyes- his gift had arrived, but it was too big to wrap. What could it BE? When he opened his eyes, the last thing he thought he’d see was his son and daughter-in-law who live a solid 8 hours from Park City! We all hugged and laughed and got down to business: a weekend of FUN!

IMG_5721 IMG_5727

We kicked things off with a fabulous grilled steak dinner, served al fresco and lit by candles and the setting sun.  Dad made a wish on a sole birthday candle, tucked into strawberry shortcake. Bliss.

P1010611 P1010613 Image 1 P1010657 P1010644 P1010655 P1010654 P1010650 P1010660 P1010664 P1010665 P1010667 P1010673 P1010674 P1010643 P1010634 P1010640 P1010630 P1010683 P1010689 P1010694 P1010699

A hearty breakfast fueled what was meant to be a day of sunshine, paddle boarding, and picnicking at Mirror Lake, but a thunderstorm prodded us into a thicket of pine trees. We happily snacked and sipped in our semi-dry haven before driving the 1.5 hours back home to make tacos, bake cookies, and play (extremely competitive) card games.

P1010704 P1010706 P1010709 P1010713 P1010715 P1010716 Image 6 Image 8 Image 15 Image 11 P1010719 P1010720 P1010722 P1010724 P1010725 P1010734 Image 10 P1010742 P1010751 P1010757 P1010763 P1010760 P1010764 P1010773 P1010765 P1010779 P1010775 P1010782 P1010784

On Sunday morning, we strolled Main Street with spicy Bloody Maries at the Park Silly Market (excellent people-watching). The boys headed out on a (hot) bike ride. Then John and I brought my family our favorite restaurant, and enjoyed another scrumptious meal at Silver Star Café!

Image 21 P1010785 P1010786 P1010788 IMG_5687 Image 20 Image 19 P1010793 P1010790 IMG_5689 P1010794 P1010795 P1010797 Image 2

As always, time together goes by too fast. The weekend was winding down as quickly as it had begun! Monday morning landed John back at work. I took The Fam to No Worries Cafe, and Mom baked muffins later with rhubarb from her garden. On our last evening together, we trekked down into the valley for a Triple-A baseball game. We cheered on the Salt Lake Bees, ate free hot dogs, sipped beer, and soaked in the stellar view of the Wasatch Range.

IMG_5702 IMG_5703 IMG_5706P1010803 P1010810 IMG_5710 IMG_5711 P1010805 P1010806 P1010818 P1010814 IMG_5716 P1010821 IMG_5717

Before we left, I asked a stranger on the street to help with my one request of the weekend: to get a great group photo of all six of us. She even took an extra shot, just to be sure…


Stranger FAIL. There’s no question where the photo was taken- but who’s in it?

As always, when The Fam packed up and drove their separate ways this morning, I simultaneously savored and was saddened by the silent house. Cholula sniffed around each room, searching for her three canine playmates from the weekend. As I get older, I cherish the times we’re all in the same place. Even when we do nothing- when we do it together, it’s better. The next time we’ll all be together will at Christmas, four months away. I’ve already got ideas swirling in my brain…

And next time, I won’t miss that group photo. 

family circus


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