Gratitude: then and now.

You know by now that I’m a summer girl.

Summer is carefree. It’s bare feet and sundresses and counting new freckles. It’s burgers on the grill and wildflowers on the back hill and al fresco everything. In Park City, the first snowflakes fly sometime toward the end of September. You know, like A MONTH from now. And it sticks around until, um, MAY. I’ll just say it: I’m not ready.

This summer has been relatively quiet for us, compared to the last few years. Aside from a couple of little trips, we’ve stayed close to home. John’s new job means less free time to wander. We haven’t even taken our beloved Betty out for a jaunt yet this year! This morning, I took a peek back at summers past. One year ago this week, we’d stationed Betty on the banks of Haviland Lake in Colorado. What a fantastic family camping trip!

P1060473 P1060276 P1060614 P1060619 IMG_5173 P1060353

Two years ago, John and I were in the middle of our monster 5-week road trip in Betty. We were marveling at the wonders of Glacier National Park around this time in August of 2011. It was one snippet out of a hundred amazing parts of that vacation- truly the trip of a lifetime!

P1020222 P1020225 P1020285 P1020308 P1020289 P1020334 P1020342

Summer’s not over yet, and we have some FUN on the books to look forward to! My folks arrive tomorrow for a Park City weekend. We’ll get our camping fix, bringing Betty out into the light of day over Labor Day weekend. But I’m working on my new goal: BE HERE NOW, AMBER.

NOW is about hiking with Cholula. Hitting the local farmers market. Harvesting tomatoes, zucchini, and herbs from our garden. Smiling at the giant plant that I just knew wasn’t a weed and now is most certainly a sunflower. Watching hummingbirds flutter around the garden. Homemade chicken stock on the stove for the approaching soup season. Holding hands on sunset walks in the neighborhood.

P1010522P1010551 IMG_5648 IMG_5650 IMG_5652 IMG_5651 P1010545 P1010546 IMG_5656 IMG_5653 IMG_5657 P1010555 IMG_5665

And always seeking reasons to be grateful.

Gratitude knows no season.


  1. Every day. Gratitude. Right now, what I need is PATIENCE. Grrrr… (House and contractor stuff.)

    Did you capture that mountain goat? What a splendid shot! We were lucky to see many big horn sheep in Montana and Wyoming. Even saw bison, elk (duh), a coyote, and nearly a grizzly bear right up close (on our hiking path). Really wanted to see a goat.

    Betty is just dreamy. We so need one like her!

    1. You have been dealing with house/contractor stuff for a while! Hang in there!
      We saw a few goats that day in Glacier National Park. The park ranger guys were guarding the trail so that (dumb) people wouldn’t try to get too close.
      I miss Betty this year- not one trip yet! Hoping to get her out this weekend…

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