Keep looking.

I’d been tricked into a game of hide-and-seek with The Bright Side (and I was losing). We all have those days. The sun was hiding, too, and the gloom seemed fitting. I hadn’t realized I was seeking solitude until I found it, there at the very top of a deserted Empire Pass.

P1010489 P1010476 P1010486

Thick, juicy clouds hugged the mountains like a warm winter shawl. From this lonely vantage point, I could see the rain falling heavily into the valley below. We merely traded a handful of tears, the storm and I. They mingled on my cheeks like kisses as I walked through late summer wildflowers. My jumbled thoughts were interrupted by the cry of a hawk overhead, the low rumble of deep thunder in the distance. Higher and higher I went, unsuccessfully keeping pace with Cholula, until the aspens and pine trees gave way to craggy rock clusters and dry grasses.

P1010480 P1010481 P1010477 P1010484 P1010491 P1010492 P1010493 P1010495

I paused to savor the view. Blissful solitude. I was surrounded by the storm, but the sun peeked through the clouds and I felt its welcome warmth on my face. I watched my dog skitter around the shale after a chipmunk, tail wagging. I closed my eyes and listened to my breath. I smelled the approaching rain in the air.

P1010496 P1010499 P1010500 P1010502 P1010505 P1010510 P1010507 P1010512 P1010517 P1010516

I hadn’t realized I was seeking inspiration until I found it, there in the rough rocks in the form of wildflowers. Above the tree line, where no vegetation grew easily, there they stood. Vibrant. Resilient. Brave. I took note of their strong beauty and walked on, mindful.

P1010522 P1010523 P1010530 P1010527 P1010520 P1010514 P1010511 P1010519 P1010525 P1010531 P1010534 P1010488 P1010478

Without a set destination, there was no defined end to my wandering, but the thunder prodded me along. I paused to blow a wild dandelion into the breeze, my heart full of wishes. The wind picked up behind me, as if to help lift each heavy step. With a renewed hopefulness, I followed that wagging tail back down the hill, toward comfort. Toward home. Toward love.

P1010528 P1010536 P1010538 P1010539 P1010541 P1010513

Bliss is everywhere.

Keep looking.


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