Gratitude and the sky.

A crisp morning, the world nestled under a fresh blanket of snow. The sky, a darker blue than usual, painted with clouds.


A breakfast date with my husband. Steaming, strong coffee. Crispy hash browns. Veggies with a crunch. An egg prepared just the way I like it (over-medium).


A magical new trail. Flat light with intermittent bursts of blue sky. Twinkling snow in patches of sunshine. A happy dog. Cold air in my lungs and blood pumping in my legs. Laughing with John.


Home. Quiet. Steady dog breathing interrupted by occasional squirrel-chasing dreams. Hot tea. Extra honey. Long underwear all day.


A view of the hillside from my yoga mat. Big blue sky tickled by the cloud trail of an airplane. Daydreams of spring’s greenness. Muscles relaxing, elongating with each breath. Busy mind calmed.


A throw blanket. The fireplace. Catalogs with springtime filling each page. Wine. Again, the sky. Waning daylight reflected on clouds.


His turn to make dinner. Watching his processes in the kitchen. A familiar wave of love. A taste of huge flavor. Big heat. Delicious.


Family room snuggles. Office Space. Feeling the day slip away, my eyelids growing heavy. Heavenly bed. Dreamland with a book on my chest. A kiss from my love as he turns off my light.


The day began with knots in my stomach, too much on my mind, and a lingering back ache.  It ended with a calm soul, gratitude, and a heart full of love.

And today, the sky. Again. Always.


How was your Saturday?



  1. Loved this, Amber. Seems like my perfect kind of day — filled with hikes outside in a beautiful place, cozy relaxation, reading, a cute pup, and a man who makes you dinner!

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