Bliss bits 2/6.

It’s BLISS BITS Wednesday!

I just love sharing the little bits of my life that brought me a smile this week. Take a peek!


AirMail from New Zealand! A lovely print from a fellow blogger.


I kissed her even after she licked a dead porcupine. Quill-tongue is no joke!


Our ten-pound  box of teeny Satsumas is all eaten up!


Taco and burger joint, coming soon to the ‘hood!


Most days, I wake up to this.


Such a good snuzzler- even when forced.


View from the hot tub. I need a pedicure.


I’m totally his groupie.


Clouds and sky through the shades.


Color and pattern. 


I love the cover of this vintage children’s book.


The pile of product I amassed after being in our condo for three minutes.


On Monday, I woke up to this Snowbird view.


I wonder how long that penny has been in the wall.


A mid-winter visit to her favorite warm-weather perch.


Java love.


Tulips make me happy!


Especially in this morning’s glorious living room sunbeam.

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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  1. Is that John playing guitar? Don’t hate me, but we go pick our satsumas just a few miles from here. The best tangerines EVER. It’s why we’re planting two of them next month. My other two I left behind for the new family. Regretted it ever since.

    1. Our friends who live on a farm send us those satsumas from their grove. They are seriously like candy. And I love how TINY they are!! They’d never grow here so it’s a special treat.
      John rips on the guitar! He has many… read my post called, The Other Woman.

      1. “The Other Woman.” Love it! When our kids came along, the recording studio (complete with 27 guitars, keyboard, digital drums, etc.) had to go to make room for the 3rd kid. We kept 7 of our favorites, including a banjo. Looking forward to getting to play them all again some day — we both play, though Scott is really good. I’m more of a country blues picker, ’cause I like to sing (‘RETHA!!) to the songs I play.

        I’ll go check out your post now.

      2. I am dying for John to get a banjo! It’s my favorite. I love that you let go all but SEVEN of your favorites… that must have been difficult to say goodbye, though!

      3. LOL Our “man cave” has been relegated to an over-sized master closet (which we don’t use as a master closet) with a free-weight lifting “cage” in it; that, and Scott’s library. Everything else in our house is geared toward younger kids. Soon enough though. Just gotta get the youngest daughter to be a bit more respectful of others’ things first.

  2. There is really nothing better than a beautiful bouquet of tulips in February to remind us that spring will, eventually, come to us. Love your Wednesday posts – and I love the Instagram photos, too! 🙂

      1. I just got a smartphone a couple months ago (super late to the game on that one), and Instagram was the first app I downloaded. It’s so ridiculously fun, I can’t get over it! So happy to hear you treat yourself to flowers – it’s something I could get better at. They add so much loveliness!

  3. So, it seems like the new burger join is taking the extreme/hardcore approach to Meximerican fare? It looks exciting and promising, in any case! Also, I am a self-confessed hotel soap hoarder. My reasoning is that I’ll have some small soaps and shampoos for the next time I travel, even though I know full well that there will be shampoo in the next hotel I stay in. I guess the excuse works well enough for me!

    1. JESSY. I am a complete hoarder. On our honeymoon, I’d keep stashing the shampoos and soaps so that the cleaners kept having to leave some. I toted them all home. Two weeks’ worth! I have bags and drawers and containers full. I need help.
      As for the taco joint, if we had a great place for tacos and a margarita right here in the ‘hood, we’d be overjoyed! Stay tuned!

      1. We need a good one here, too (here being out in the middle of nowhere!) Our favorite in Durango is Nini’s – have you been there?!

        Keep taking those tiny, drying shampoos and soaps. No shame. They’re adorable.

      2. I haven’t been to Tacos Nayurit yet, but some of the jewelers that did an event at my work got takeout from there and I almost stole it when they weren’t looking. Smelled. So. GOOD. Nini’s is right next to Overland on Main and the people who work there/own it are SO NICE. Go when you can eat at those cute little tables on the sidewalk and it’s warm out. Their mango salsa is amazing (we’ve only ever had nachos there,) especially paired with Ska’s Mole Stout!!!!

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