Me in PC: No Worries Cafe

It’s hard to beat a good neighborhood diner.

Especially on a snowy Sunday morning in Park City!


We’re lucky enough to have a cozy little spot for good eats nearby called the No Worries Café. It’s technically in Summit Park, which is the neighborhood on the other side of the valley from ours. (You might remember a few of my hikes from warmer months there. Remember when Cholula discovered squirrels?) The café is tucked in next to a Sinclair gas station, right off the highway. Aren’t the best diners always in the most random locations?


When John and I pulled up around 9:30AM, the parking lot was full and a handful of hungry locals were hovering near the door. The café isn’t huge; we know to expect to wait on a weekend. We put in our name (only 20 minutes!), snagged a cup of hot coffee from the free-for-all coffee table, and tucked into a corner of the foyer. This is what happiness looks like.


As I lovingly sipped my cup o’ joe, more breakfast hopefuls arrived. Everyone from saggy-pants snowboarders to families from the ‘hood came through the door, checking the wait time and anxious to be out of the cold. The sky was still mostly clear, but a storm was brewing. The door to the café opened. The hopeful eyes returned to their newspapers and iPhones when the cheerful waitress called, “John?” Ding ding ding! Time to eat.

We weaved our way through the bustling café toward a sweet little corner table for two. Our waitress immediately refilled our coffee cups and set down a carafe of ice water. I scanned the room, checking for familiar faces. This is definitely the kind of place where you might bump into a friend.


A rainbow of tie-dyed No Worries Café tee shirts share wall space with colorful Native American rugs. There are a few chalkboards, too, describing additional menu items. One of them sounded right up my alley this morning: Jeff’s Browns. John ordered a standard bacon-and-egg breakfast- with a side of pancake, please. He just can’t help himself.


Service is quick at the No Worries Café. It has to be– there’s always a line out the door. I peered through the blinds and caught a glimpse of a few sorry saps, shivering away on the abandoned patio. Before our food arrived, we chatted about the incredible Sundance movie we’d seen the night before and thumbed through the Tribune.


Our breakfast arrived, and it was game on. I teased John about his carb add-on but was secretly pleased to steal a bite or two of the fluffy pancake. Jeff’s Browns have a little bit of everything going on, and I scooped bite after bite into a tortilla. Snowflakes had started to fall outside. Ahhhh. Sunday morning.


The waitress came by to top off our coffees a couple of times, not ruffled at all by the busy-ness of the morning. I wanted to linger longer, but John thought it was time to offer our table to the next hungry patrons. We headed out into the cold. The line was just as long when we left as when we’d arrived.

Guess we weren’t the only ones wanting hot coffee, a great meal, and a warm smile on a snowy Sunday.

It’s hard to beat.


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  1. Fabulous!!! I love finding places like that. One day I’d love to do an RV tour of Canada, stopping in all the greasy spoons along the way. I’d rate them all based on french toast, grilled cheese, and milkshakes. And their specials.

    1. Been there, done that!! I was only about 8 though but travelled by RV from our farm in Southwestern Ontario all the way to Alberta! I definitely rated the stops according to the quality of their grilled cheese (although I always called them cheese grills and no one corrected me until an embarrassing age!). Definitely something I want to do with my kids – possibly head to the East Coast this time around!

  2. Since I’ve moved this is exactly what I’ve been missing!!! Growing up we did Sunday brunch each week at the same place own town! Now I’m surrounded by chain restaurants, no feel-good cozy diner style places! Thanks for reminding me to keep searching – the gems are always hidden!

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