Canine blanket.

Road trip!

We’re packing up, braving the elements, and heading to Durango today.

Current temperature in Park City: 3 degrees. Brrrr!


Current temperature in Durango: -15 degrees. Eeeek.

With a foot and a half of new snow here in Utah, I wonder how long the 7-hour drive will REALLY take…? Any guesses?


By tonight, we’ll be cozied up in front of a fire with bowls of my Mom’s potato cheese soup, watching football. Purrrr. Until then, I’m thankful for the cold-weather package on my Subaru and a big furball who will keep my lap warm during the drive.

It’s always an adventure with us…stay tuned for a recap!

Have a wonderful (warm) weekend!


  1. Have fun! We’re still warm here in Texas. Flip-flops and shorts; feels weird taking down all the Christmas decorations when it feels like SUMMER. Maybe not for too much longer though…

  2. It is so cold this weekend! But hold on… You’re in Durango?! I work overtime this week, but we should try to make good on a coffee date! If this posts a hundred times, I credit the blame to the newest version of the WordPress app! I’m having a heck of a time!

    1. BAH! I don’t do well with WordPress on my phone and didn’t bring a computer with me. I’m sorry we didn’t get to make a plan to meet! I’ll let you know in advance next time we head that way! You must be FREEZING in the barn. It’s COLD there right now!

      1. I don’t do well with it, either – no worries on that one. We’re here for the long haul (or at least through August,) so I’m sure we’ll make good on plans! Chris and I might be working pack trips into the Weminuche this summer, so if you’re ever down for an adventure … 😉 It has been SO cold. Did you at least get to enjoy a cup o’ joe from the Steaming Bean while you were in town?!

      2. Oooo! Interesting! Tell me more about the pack trips. On horseback? My poor parents have frozen pipes and no water there. Eek. I did not get any Steaming Bean time but did have some yummy appetizers at Mutus one evening… I’d never been there!

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