Time out.

I had my first fight with this blog today.

Considering our relationship is already six months old, I guess it’s a good thing that it took this long. But I’d been away from it for a full week, and I missed it. I worked all morning on a fabulous post about my trip to Carmel. Having been separated from the blog for awhile, I really put my heart into our reunion. I was witty. I was descriptive. I included incredible photos. Maybe I got cocky.

Maybe I tried too hard. 

With one careless press of a button on the keyboard, it was gone. GONE. All but one last lame photo of take-out boxes filled with sushi. All of my efforts had vanished, meaningless.

First, I didn’t believe it. This couldn’t be happening. I’d never had a bad day with my blog. As reality sunk in, I got angry. I stormed around the house- how DARE my beloved blog ‘lose’ my post! I tried to recover the draft. I pleaded, I cajoled- to no avail.

The post was gone, and my blog offered no apology.

I’m stubborn. I’m not very good at accepting the blame. Maybe this is my punishment for staying away too long… the blog needs more attention than I’ve been able to give this month. I can understand that. I’m sure everything will be ok, once I calm down. I’ve just got so much to share.

But for now, I need a little space. 


  1. It has happened to us all. It SUCKS and makes me so angry too. Deep breath , glass of wins and you will be better xx

  2. Oh goodness, Amber! I am so sorry. I know how frustrating that can be. BUT. Whenever you have time to get around to redoing it, your audience will be right here, waiting. 🙂

  3. That happened to me too. ONCE. I now do all my posts off-line first. My fear is the dreaded accidental-publish-before-it’s-ready incident! I’ve seen that happen too, only I’ve not done it yet.

    Going to read you next very long post now. Now that I have beer in hand. And quiet. Welcome back, girlie!

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