Bliss bits 9/26.

It’s BLISS BITS Wednesday!

I’ve got so much to tell you about. Girl Trip #1 in California. Girl Trip #2 in Colorado. I head off tomorrow morning for another trip, this time with the man I will marry in 30 short days. In the meantime…

Here are the little bits of this week that made me smile!


Sometimes the only acceptable place to nap is Mama’s lap.


Alarm clock.


A stroll behind my parents’ house provided this view. Hello.


Big fat adorable toad in the road.

The drive between Durango in Ouray is some of the prettiest country I’ve seen.

And the fall colors were GOING OFF.

Guess who is the bachelorette?

Fried ice cream at lunch. Why not?

Ouray, Colorado.

The pool and hot springs-fed soaking tub at Chipeta Sun Lodge. Yes, please.

We named him Pancho.

Ridgway’s hair salon.

View of Ouray from our hike.

Girls on the move.

A flower in a tree.

All bars should incorporate swings.

Colorado mimosa.

Tuckered out from a weekend with Grandma.

Home, sweet home. Hot tub toes.

Puppy stretch.

Shiitake, spinach, shallot, asparagus, pancetta.

Which turned into two delish quiches.

Chiles ready for roasting for posole.

My view this morning.ย 

You know. Just the usual bliss.


  1. LOVE!! Missed your bliss bits.

    Uh. Pancho. Something about that seriously hairy chest. Super-like. Is he single? Or did you guys hook up while you were away and change the marriage plans?

    1. “Super-like” made me laugh out loud! I do believe he’s single. He’s deflated in the back of my car, which was awkward when I opened it to load groceries at the store recently. Hmmm.

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