My apologies to the ducks.



The line between my weekdays and weekends tends to blur these days… this is true. I have an open schedule that allows me to go play outside on Tuesdays and work on Saturdays, if that’s what I want to do. But today? Today is a Monday. I could feel it as soon as I woke up.

Actually, I could hear it. At 7:43am.


Thank you, loud early morning backhoe digger guy, for creating a new outdoor firepit area for us. Now, where’s the coffee…?

I’ve got a list for today, you guys. I’m ON IT. We have a lot on our plate in the next week or two, and I’m ready to turn up the productivity around here! But first…

First, let’s take a gander at yesterday!


We took the paddleboards out again. I think I’m starting to get the hang of it! We visited a quiet neighborhood park on a small lake. A couple of families were paddling around in canoes and kayaks with their little ones. Life on the shore in the middle of Utah’s mountains- very cool!




We were greeted by this lovely, adorable duck family. Cholula would quickly shatter the peace by diving in after one of them and chasing it at full swim-speed across the whole lake. Awesome. Need a good workout? Paddleboard after a dog chasing a duck. John had to quickly paddle to her, distract her and direct her back toward shore, and then it was a mad scramble to get a hold of her leash. Ducks scattered, families stared. I volunteered to take her all the way home… but let’s not think about that. (Memory: delete.)

Upon my return, I took the Green Machine out for a test paddle, and then John and I went out together.


We paddled around the whole lake, soaking in the sunshine and getting more of a workout than expected. John showed me the correct paddling technique and we had a couple of “races.” (I did not win.)

When we got back to shore, I was happy to see that Cute Duck Family had returned… and brought some friends. Perhaps it was a duck gang, gathering to be prepared in case the crazy dog returned. One definitely had its eye on me.




Moving the big board around from truck to lake and back is a work out in itself! I want to be able to do it myself, so I tried carrying it (heavy) and balancing it on my head (better).


It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon in summertime. (Sorry, ducks.)

You know what goes really well with fun in the sun? MEXICAN FOOD.




Hmmm. Dinner may have canceled out the workout we got earlier in the day. But it was yummy, and not a bad way to end the weekend!

P.S. Cholula apologized. 



  1. It is definitely the ears! I hope will all my might that the one doesn’t ever straighten out, but even if it did, you do have so many great pictures of it crooked.

    PS – you make me want to paddle board!! I was actually going to try it yesterday at the lake I’m visiting but it was too rough and today is a study day – maybe Tuesday! Fingers crossed!!

    1. She’s already 10 months old so I’m hoping that crooked ear stays that way!
      Paddleboarding has been super fun. We have friends who do it on the ocean- totally different and way harder!!

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