Playing catch-up.

I’m a list-maker.

I’m more ‘Type A’ than I like to believe. At any given moment, I have multiple lists going. Right now, for example, I have going a grocery list, today’s chores list, a packing list for my trip to Durango, and a general to-do list. The new house has a series of lists that stress me out. The wedding in October has a whole separate pile of lists that I haven’t attacked yet. Somehow, writing things down and having my intentions gathered in one place makes me feel more organized. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I cross something off. I sometimes even catch myself writing down something I’ve already done…just so I can cross it off.

Maybe I really liked getting the gold stars on my homework as a child.

When I decided to recognize the good stuff all around me on April Fool’s Day, I started making a list. I wrote down the best parts of my days, the things I’m grateful for and the things that make my heart smile.

Here’s my happy week.

On Monday:

I sat at my pretty desk, listening to John’s guitar riffs waft upstairs. This space inspires me, and the soundtrack rocked.


Cholula enjoys sitting shotgun so much that it’s hard not to laugh. The repetitive DING-DING-DINGING of the ‘fasten seatbelt’ reminder isn’t even (very) annoying.


Other blissful moments:

Wine-colored fingertips after roasting delicious beets.

A new recipe and a full glass of wine in front of me with Final Four basketball in the background.

Daydreaming aloud about writing more regularly with John’s encouragement and support.

On Tuesday:

I wake up to this every morning, which prompts a smile (even before coffee).


Ahhhh. Steaming black coffee in John’s mother’s PIG mug. It was her favorite. It’s mine, too.


We took a spontaneous springtime mini-roadtrip, during which we discovered a delectable cheeseburger in Morgan, Utah. (I ate it before I was able to snap a picture.)



And yesterday:

I caught a glimpse of the burning pinks of a gorgeous sunrise- and then enjoyed the luxury of sleeping late. (Do you really think I got out of bed for a photo?)

I spent some time wandering around the children’s section at a bookstore, piling my arms full of classic books for Sarah’s baby, my own mind flooded with happy memories of childhood.

My lunch screamed SPRING to me.

Delicious weather is here, and I can soak it in through my open window.

The day ended with a little date that included pizza, wine, and gelato. Nobody hates that.

Life is good.


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