Joy in a red fur coat.

This photo lives on the bulletin board above my desk.


That’s me, maybe 4 years old, and my Pops. I think he’s helping me reel in a fish he hooked on his rod. We’ve been fishing together, along with my mom, since I was a baby in their laps. (You do the math.)

There are so many things I love about this photo. It’s a Poloroid, which immediately feels nostalgic to all of us babies of the 70s. It’s me with my Dad, who is my hero. We’re doing what I grew up doing every weekend- hanging out by a body of water, trying to catch a few trout that my mom would later whip into a yummy camp dinner. I just adore the joyful look on my face- and the look on my Dad’s.

And we can’t ignore my fancy red coat.

Today’s photo challenge prompt is “someone who inspires you.” I’m inspired by many people, young and old, for many reasons. Today, I am inspired by the little girl in this photo.

She inspires me to be open to learning something new. She inspires me to allow someone else show me the right way to do it. She inspires me to get outside and soak in the sunshine. She inspires me to be easily delighted in my life.

Oh, and to be bolder in my fashion choices. Because that red faux fur coat is fabulous, especially for a day of fishing.

See my first week of photos here.


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