Sunshine on a cloudy day.

Not every day can be a good day.

Despite your best intentions, sometimes life is just a bummer. Whether it’s something big that comes at you like a freight train, or a lot of little things that slowly add up and bring you down, it can be hard to keep finding the bright side. Even when you look around, knowing you have so much to be happy about, you refuse to acknowledge it. Not now. Let me feel bad. Sometimes you want to feel sorry for yourself or wallow in your own boo-hoos. You give in to the weight of your world, the quicksand that makes you want to crawl back in bed and stay there until it all goes away.

I’ve certainly seen my share of heartache. Not the ‘my boyfriend broke up with me’ or ‘I maxed out my credit card’ type of stressful sadness- though I’ve been there plenty of times, too. I’m talking about things that someone shouldn’t go through. I pray I don’t feel that low in my lifetime again.

When I think about those times, not so long ago, my life today is a fairy tale. A true modern day fairy tale. I know that. It doesn’t mean I don’t have stay-in-bed days. They are rare, but they still pay me a visit from time to time.  Each person’s life is different. It’s all relative!

I feel a bit blue today. Certainly not the ‘quicksand’ variety I talk about above, but an overall cloud has positioned itself over my head. These are the days writing a blog about every day ‘bliss’ becomes challenging. It’s also forcing me to shift my perspective a bit. Sure, not everything is perfect. But it’s still pretty great.

So what am I going to do on a blue Tuesday?

First, I’m going to re-read this. And also this.

Then I might spend a little time reading a charming book or two by Edward Monkton. Talk about a positive perspective!


I’m going to enjoy my leftovers from last night’s delectable dinner. Chef John made me one of his specialties, a spicy soba noodle, veggie and tofu dish. (I also got my first tofu tutorial!)


I might hop into my happy place (the kitchen) and tackle a new recipe I’ve been eyeing.

I’ll probably soak in some sunshine. A little Vitamin D never hurt anybody.


I’ll take some time to be thankful for my health, family, home, hound, life.

Wow. I feel better already.

What is YOUR favorite way to snap out of a funk?


Can you help me identify this lovely flower? Peony? Ranunculus? Thank you! 


    1. Oh, thanks! I needed to hear that today. 🙂 I appreciate you reading- I’ll take a gander at your blog, too. My dad’s jazz band was called The Good Life, by the way. So obviously it’s going to be awesome.

      1. Well, thank you! Apparently, we have a common outlook on life 🙂 I just started mine today so… we’ll see how it goes!

  1. quicksand indeed! Sometimes you just don’t want to fight it…Making a list looks like a good tool for putting up a good battle! I love sitting outside in nature. It’s hard for me to feel mad or sad when the sun is shining in my face!

    1. I think it’s important to let myself feel bad or sad or glad- emotions are part of being human. As long as I don’t get stuck in a bad train of thought! I just came in from getting some sun- a quick fix for sure. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

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