I start and end my days with this.


I think that’s Cholula‘s version of bliss. She treats each morning as it is: a new beginning.

Hints of spring were everywhere today in my ‘hood!





Maybe I’m motivated by the season of renewal, but I came across two ‘challenges’ that inspired me today.

There’s a concept that seems to be growing in popularity (I think I’m late to the game). Take a look at the Day Zero Project. I learned about it over on Sarah On the Go! I’ve started compiling my own list (you know I love them) and am excited to cross things off of it- and track them here!

And I decided to join Chantelle’s Photo-a-Day fun and see what creative perspectives I can come up with in May.

I’ll share all of it, which is bound to be…well, interesting! Stay tuned!

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