Playing catch-up.

I’m a list-maker. I’m more ‘Type A’ than I like to believe. At any given moment, I have multiple lists going. Right now, for example, I have going a grocery list, today’s chores list, a packing list for my trip to Durango, and a general to-do list. The new house has a series of lists that stress me out. The wedding in October has a whole separate pile of lists that I haven’t attacked yet. Somehow, writing things down and having my []

Better than coffee.

Let’s just say I’m not a morning person. I’ve always wanted to be. I’ve tried, I really have. But at 37 years old (wait, what?), I’ve learned that this is just a part of who I am. People close to me know to steer clear until coffee has taken effect. But today was different. I was up and laughing before 8:00AM (not at all the norm- the timing OR the laughing). This morning’s alarm was my phone buzzing away on my side []

The joke is on me.

On April Fool’s Day, I woke up to a snowstorm. My reaction was not good. The afternoon before, John and I had sipped cocktails in the sunshine on the front porch, squinting through sunglasses to watch Cholula frolic around, talking about road trips and landscaping the barren (but dry) front yard. Spring had sprung and I was into it. As a native Californian, I like being warm. Few things make me happier than a new sundress. I like being tan and wearing []

Away I go.

So… my life is less than ordinary these days. In the last few months, I’ve been asked by my best friend to be his wife. My job revolves around travel and new experiences, and I work wherever and whenever I want. I’ve watched the finishing touches go into the house we’ve been building for a year and marveled at the space I get to call ‘home.’ I’ve packed up two households and (mostly) successfully combined them into one. I’ve started the fun []