Happy Heart Day

It’s Valentine’s Day! I’m interrupting my planned posts to share a little bit of love from our household to yours. I have three Valentine’s this year, two little ones and a big, bearded one. I know a lot of people dislike Valentine’s Day, calling it a “Hallmark holiday” that was created to make us all buy things…but you know what? EVERY holiday is like that if you choose to let it be that way. Personally, I welcome a special day to freely love one another, whether you want to include heart-shaped trinkets and chocolate or not. Every day should involve sharing our love, and on Valentine’s Day, you get an extra nudge to do it. It doesn’t have to involve spending money- just opening your heart. If there’s one thing this world needs more of, it’s LOVE. I’m on board!

That was a glimpse of Valentine’s Day over here. I try to incorporate reminders to love one another throughout our home, all year long, but it’s fun to do a little extra during this gray season. Whether it’s from your spouse, parent, friend, your dog, or yourself…I hope you each feel LOVE today!

More thoughts on LOVE.

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