Today and every day.

I am a Valentine’s Day supporter.

I don’t mean the Hallmark holiday version. But you can bet I’ll embrace a day when it’s acceptable to be shmoopy and share love. I’m pretty sure I have the best Valentine in the world, and I’ll do my best to let him know that today.


Last year, I shared some thoughts on LOVE. These points are not reserved for one day of the year; as I re-read them this morning, it’s clear that they apply to LIFE.

The person who is most difficult to love is the one who needs it most. Our world is desperately short on compassion and thoughtfulness. Be the one to add those things to it.

The more love you give, the more love you get. True love is selfless, never expecting something in return. But somehow, genuine acts of love find their way right back to you like a boomerang. Try it.

Learn to love yourself first. You’re better able to truly love others.

Love is a living thing. If you’re lucky enough to find it, don’t set it on a dusty shelf to display. Bring it out into the sunshine. Appreciate it as it changes. Feed it constantly. Let it grow.

Love is a battlefield- but it’s worth fighting for. Don’t throw in the towel when love isn’t a ray of sunshine. After the clouds part on those dark days, love will gleam with deeper beauty.

John and I haven’t had the easiest couple of years, but I never doubt that we’ll get through tough times because we’re a team. I feel our bond growing stronger as the days go by. I wish there was a better way to let him know how much I appreciate him, every minute of the day…but I’ll start by just telling him.

Whoever it’s for, make your love obvious…today, and every day.


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