Bliss Bits 3/27/2017

Spring is here, officially! Whether or not the Park City weather plays along is a different story, but the glorious days of bare feet in the grass, wildflowers, and al fresco everything are definitely within sight. I can’t remember the last time I had a more emotionally difficult winter, so I welcome the season change even more this year, and it feels easier to tap into my optimistic side these days. Don’t misunderstand- I have hard stuff on my plate that doesn’t translate to blog-land very well. My intention with this site and these posts isn’t to pretend that everything is perfect! But there are always little moments in every day that make me grateful for it all. Once you start looking for them, you see that they are everywhere. Here are some recent smiles!

It’s my little brother’s birthday today! I love you, Matt!

Little Leprechaun. 

I made Guinness cupcakes for St. Patty’s Day! 

He loves looking out the windows for birds, trucks, flowers, dogs.

We had a play date at our neighbor’s house! Warm weather is the best!

She is so gentle with him. 

Beautiful farm-fresh eggs!

I love the decor at my hair salon. 

I made a different Buddha Bowl with salmon and a teriyaki dressing!

Few things make me happier this time of year. 

He hides his “peek-a-boo spoon” in that orange chair and then giggles when he finds it. 

We got a library card! 

We enjoyed our first golf course family walk of the year. 

A corner full of sunshine. 

It’s becoming clear that Oden prefers to be outside. Yay!

When I glance at the monitor to check on my sleeping baby and he’s doing laps in the crib.

Veggie quiche a la Fleurdelicious.

Waking up is hard, you guys.

Trails are drying out!

Sometimes I really miss our old neighborhood in Salt Lake.

Look at this mid-century magic at one of my favorite vintage shops!

Weekly meal-planning is going well!

Plotting his tupperware mischief. 

Someone should make me these cupcakes!!

Spring spring spring…winter!

A stunning and delicious breakfast at Harvest.

He’s on his toes a lot. So cute! Also, that BELLY!

Checking that box was the opposite of blissful. 


Date night at Silver Star! The food is always scrumptious and it’s so cozy!

Getting braver. Do you hear him whispering to himself?

Another orchid re-bloomed! I wish I knew why!

Oden and I visited the Hogle Zoo. He was distracted by all of the other kids!

Baby jeans are the cutest. 

I spy the first ground squirrel waking up in the backyard!

Things are coming alive. 

Crossed little feet. 


Just like Daddy.


Epic napper. 

This face! I see a dimple, do you?

One year ago, we were DEEP in New Baby Land.

Two years ago, we’d already been camping!

Three years ago, spring was being lazy.

Four years ago, we danced to Toots and the Maytals at the Canyons. 

Five years ago, our furniture was brand new, just like this house!

Six years ago, Zamboni wanted me to throw the ball just one…more…time.

And yesterday, we took Oden’s new wagon on its maiden voyage! 

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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