Moments in April.

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A dusting of late-season snow is welcome, melting quickly into the soil and nourishing the earth for new growth. The hillside has become every shade of green- sage, kelly, emerald- and my hiking trails lead me right through it. My semi-obsessive wildflower photo-taking has resumed, allowing me to pause for the shot and soak in the beauty. As I sip my morning coffee, I watch various birds pick through the birdfeeder, dropping bits to the fat chipmunks who are sunning themselves on the rock wall below (driving an attentive Cholula insane on the other side of the window). I’m not sure whether the birds are actually chirping louder than usual, but their songs are a welcome soundtrack through my open windows. The cover to the outdoor grill is off most of the time due to frequent use. The landscaping is slowly coming to life, with new green stuff poking through last year’s brown. I’m already looking forward to the rainbow of flowers they’ll boast in a couple of months. My car’s seats are covered with muddy towels and it smells like wet dog, and I’m actually excited about spending an entire Saturday weeding my yard.

I’ve often said that fall is my most favorite season, but this spring has me questioning that statement. Both seasons bring forth a splash of new color, and in the mountains, both can be quite short. Before I know it, the summer heat will be a little too much and I’ll have all but forgotten the joy of renewal I’m feeling now. One has to savor every moment before it’s over for another year… and I plan to do just that this season.

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    1. John took some great shots on that little hike. How happy is she? I sure hope the chipmunks are faster than she is. And the birds. And the ground squirrels. And the bunnies.

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