Odds and ends.

IMG_7498 IMG_7505 P1190635 P1190807 P1190929 P1190908 P1190932 P1190943 P1190945 P1190946 P1190947 P1190953 P1190948 P1190955 P1190956 P1190959 P1190957 P1190960 P1190962 P1190905 P1190963 P1190964 P1190906 IMG_7548 IMG_7560 IMG_7580_2 IMG_7574 IMG_7583 P1190968

A smattering of recent moments and beautiful things…

A colorful canvas. Laughter with old friends. Skies that make you stop and stare. Nights out in town and lazy mornings in bed. The best meat and cheese board. Giddy travel anticipation. Frustrating injury recuperation. Cozy slippers and delicious nibbles and puppy snuzzles and a house filled with love.

A fond farewell to February. (22 days until Spring!)

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