Be mine.

My favorite kind of Valentine’s Day isn’t over the top. The year we skipped a fancy dinner date in favor of going sledding and out for chili dogs remains one of my best Valentine’s Day memories. I prefer just being together, getting some fresh air, taking it slow, making a meal as a team, and appreciating each other. That’s exactly what yesterday was like.

I let John sleep in a bit while I made a simple (but yummy) dessert for later. When he awoke, he went out for bagels and a Valentine’s Day bouquet. We spent some time lounging in the sunlight, flipping through an amazing book I’d gotten for us both and debating where we should go hiking. We opted to go down the hill into the valley, where the weather would be warm and the trails would be dry. Apparently, being a holiday weekend and the weather feeling like April, everyone in Salt Lake City had the same idea. Despite the crowds (and my temporary annoyance at the steepness of the trail), we took in some spectacular views of the city.

P1190818 P1190826 P1190832 P1190834 P1190836 P1190837 P1190839 IMG_7453 IMG_7468 IMG_7474 IMG_7473 IMG_7475 IMG_7476 IMG_7479 IMG_7480 IMG_7482 IMG_7484

After our hike, we had a late lunch at a favorite spot in our old neighborhood before heading home for a daytime hot tub soak. Decadent! After a little nap, we started piecing together the meal we’d be making together. We chose a classic dinner combo for people who don’t go out on Valentine’s Day: pizza and wine. We tried to emulate the incredible shrimp pasta with pistachio mint pesto we had at Cortona by putting those flavors on a pizza. I love few things more than an evening in the kitchen with John, a glass of wine in hand, the two of us singing along to our favorite tunes while we cook.

IMG_7491 IMG_7495P1190857 P1190843 P1190846 P1190863 P1190860P1190851P1190852P1190865 P1190867 P1190868 P1190869P1190871

Our pizza feast was delectable, which we enjoyed by candlelight at the dining room table like grown-ups. We opened a bottle of wine we’d been saving from our first Betty road trip three years ago and clinked our glasses to a beautiful day together. Spicy chocolate pudding and homemade graham crackers fueled a little two-person dance party after dinner, and we ended the night snuggled on the couch watching a rock and roll documentary. Bliss.

P1190842 P1190873 IMG_7500 P1190876 P1190882

When John and I got married, we’d known each other for over a decade. Days like yesterday make me realize how special it is to be married to your best friend, a person whose perfect day looks exactly like yours. Cheers to love.

Coming soon: I’ll tell you how I made the decadent Spicy Chocolate Pudding!


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