I’ll never be like her. Oh, wait…

Life lessons from Mom that are worth revisiting!

the usual bliss

“You’re JUST like your mother.”

Don’t you feel like you’ve heard that line on TV or in movies a lot? It’s usually meant as a rolling-eyes insult of some kind, from a husband to a wife- and prompts steam to come out of the wife’s ears. The mother-daughter relationship is tricky. I’d bet that most women grow up thinking, “I’ll never be like her.” And then, one day, they’ll say or do something and stop short, realizing the inevitable has happened.


My mom grew up with two older brothers, which explains why she’s tough as nails. I never questioned the fact that if someone crossed me, she’d hunt them down– she told me as much. It took a long time and some adult years of my own under my belt to realize she’s really just a big softie(I’m onto you, Mom) with a fierce love for her…

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  1. Thank you for sharing all those terrific memories – You give me joy every single day! xoxoxoxmom

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