Countdown to Turkey Day.

The countdown is on!

Thanksgiving is a few short days away. Thanksgiving and Christmas get lumped together as “The Holidays”, but this week is unique. It’s not about gifts- it’s about pausing to be grateful.

And turkey. It’s also about TURKEY.

Last year, we were freshly suntanned from our honeymoon and enjoyed a Thanksgiving feast with my folks in Colorado. (You might remember the story about Cholula helping herself to the bowl of Pigs-in-a-Blanket on the coffee table…)

P1020804 P1020810 P1020841 IMG_7263

This year, we’ll be feeling grateful in the Bay Area, starting with some rock n’ roll and then moving into our version of Friendsgiving in Point Reyes Station. It’s been since last summer that we visited our dear friends, Whit and Lazuli, and their boys (who can’t wait to wrestle with John). It’s a very special place.

P1050907 P1050909 P1050900 P1050858 P1050769 P1010787 P1010794

While I love the idea of a designated day to gather with loved ones and be thankful, I think it’s important to continue to do year-round. However you choose to celebrate this day of gratitude, cheers to you!

Until next week… Gobble gobble!

*One year ago: The Gobbler.


  1. Hope you had a great weekend with family! Ours was a non-turkey day, but lots and lots of thanks, as is with every other day of the year. Cheers, Amber.

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