Two seasons.

The snow hasn’t melted.

Our first few storms dumped a lot of snow, but warm temperatures melted it into mud each time. This last storm stuck- winter is here. These are the weekends of sipping my coffee in long johns and extra snuzzle time under the covers. I pulled out a few sparkly craft projects, to get into the holiday spirit (it’s time!). And my hikes with Cholula required snow pants and gloves. Brrr!

IMG_7964_2 IMG_8028 IMG_8029 IMG_7972 IMG_8043IMG_7917

On Friday, we headed for Toll Canyon. It’s a lesser known trail near home that seems to be something of a locals’ secret. (Remember when I discovered The Love Tree?) The snow was deep, shimmering in the sunshine like a white blanket studded with diamonds. I snapped photos along the way, as I always do, watching Cholula happily bound through the drifts like a deer. When I got home, I took a peek at the photos and compared them to my last Toll Canyon hike at the end of August. What a difference a few months makes!

The gate was once tangled up in sunflowers.


The trees that flank the road are now weighed down by snow.

IMG_7921_2 P1010996

August’s red shrubs were now leaf-less and coated with ice.


Cholula seemed familiar with the area, despite winter’s changes.

IMG_7928 P1070005

The trail that cut through deep grasses and wildflowers now cut through deep snow.

IMG_7930_2 P1070010

I love being able to compare the seasons with photos taken from similar vantage points.

IMG_7932_2 P1070013

I remembered that this snowy tunnel was overgrown and almost impassable by late summer!

IMG_7933_2 P1070014

The big pines are easier to recognize in winter than the naked aspens.

IMG_7936 P1070017

Summer or winter, there’s nothing like time spent under happy trees.

IMG_7937 P1070028

When we came upon fresh tracks that weren’t human or canine, we decided to head back, taking a quick detour under some tall, slender pine trees.

IMG_7943 IMG_7945_2 IMG_7948 IMG_7918_2

In August, we may have dined on summery Ahi Tuna Taco Cups or some pasta made with Farmers Market veggies and herbs from our garden. We likely ate outside, in the warm daylight that lasts until 9pm. Not this weekend. The night takes over by 6 o’clock. The already chilly temperature drops even further. Cholula barks at unseen beasts in our backyard- the elk and deer come down the mountain each night now. I continued to uncover holiday trinkets. I made a spicy lime chicken soup, perfect after a cold day in the snow, warming us from the inside.

IMG_7915 IMG_7911

These winter nights are for tucking my feet into slippers and pulling a throw blanket over my legs in front of the fire. These quiet moments will be few and far between over the next month. I’ll use them to count my blessings.

Life is good.

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  1. It looks like the snow is certainly there to stay! We have patches here and there, but most has melted off. I usually try to push winter off, but the idea of nesting, baking, snuggling and celebrating Christmas always wins out. Happy beginning of the season to you!

      1. Very true! I went to college in a small mountain town in New Hampshire and I remember barbecuing and playing frisbee amongst the snow banks in May! Can’t fight those first few days of spring fever 🙂

  2. Your pup under the covers is PRECIOUS and the pic with the pup and the scissors – Good Luck with that your pup says because I do not have thumbs – ha! Great Captures – Happy Week:) Stay Warm!

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