The Remedy: TrailGroove Magazine


This summer, I discovered an beautiful online publication called TrailGroove Magazine, dedicated to embracing an outdoor lifestyle. The articles and photographs included in each issue have been inspiring to me as I explore my own trails and mountains in Park City. A bonus for my inner hippie: they opt for publishing TrailGroove online only, to reduce paper/ink use and shipping costs.

Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 9.22.36 AM (2)

I’m thrilled to have an article published in the latest issue of TrailGroove! It’s called The Remedy, about the magic of time on the trail to bring my soul peace. Take a peek at the article here (pages 79-82), and be sure to dive into the rest of the magazine, which includes pieces written about the Sawtooths, Australia, New Hampshire,  and more.

Where do you find peace? What inspires you? Share with me!

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  1. Goodness gracious, you are an amazing writer!! I can certainly relate. There have been many times when Kimo and the boys want to take a family hike and I can’t imagine anything I’d less rather do, but I go anyway. It always amazes me how all the stress and negative feelings just melt away (literally) when you’re in the thick of a good hike. Your article reminded me of a song I always loved- going to look up the title right now so you can listen if you’d like. Ok, got it. The song is called The Valley by Celestial Navigations and it’s on the Wave Aid 4 cd (one of my dad’s old albums that I hijacked when I moved out). It’s not as much of a song as it is a story told to music, but I’ve always enjoyed it and now my boys enjoy it when it pops up on my playlist. Anyway, sorry for the long comment and congrats :).

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