This life.

The weekend was spent enjoying the last days of summertime to the fullest.

IMG_6309 IMG_6257 IMG_6262 IMG_6263 IMG_6265 IMG_6316 IMG_6310

An al fresco dinner party with dear friends. Dancing under the stars with John to one of my favorite bands. Time on the trail with multiple companions (the two-legged and four-legged varieties). Filling cupcakes with love (and whiskey) for a friend’s birthday. Savoring both the moments of solitude and the humble evenings spent in the kitchen with John. Friends near and far who bring me back to center and demonstrate that love is everywhere. Plenty of time with words- in print, online, in my head, on the keyboard- marveling at their power to hurt or heal. An unexpected reminder that while negativity breeds negativity, the opposite is also true.

IMG_6245 IMG_6269 IMG_6270 IMG_6271 P1070969P1070884 IMG_6289 IMG_6231 IMG_6232 P1070832 P1070854 P1070845 P1070935 P1070937 P1070946 IMG_6291 IMG_6294 P1070963

I sometimes wonder what people believe my life to be like based on what they read here. I know, because I write one, that what I see on my favorite blogs is literally a fraction of the author’s reality. This is not a moment-to-moment documentary on my life. I don’t share emotionally trying times or professional struggles or private issues here, because they are just that: private. Life isn’t always full of rainbows, but this is a place I’ve designated to remember that even the tiniest rainbow holds significance, that my attitude predicts the manner in which I’ll weather any storm. It is a collection of life’s simple joys, seen though my eyes. That is what I choose to share here, though in the end, I write for me.

IMG_6220 P1070793 IMG_6281P1070967 P1070972

As I type, a ladybug has flown in through my open patio door and landed on my desk, next to my coffee. What a perfectly timed reminder of how lucky I am to live this life.

What are you doing to savor these last days of summer?


  1. Loving the Rainbow shots and the one of the Blackberry too – Great Captures:) I am soaking up as much Summer as possible right now – get outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. Cannot wait for wine country events next month too. Happy Tuesday!

  2. Beautiful post, and I completely agree and relate.

    Hmmm…we’re savoring summer by eating lots of great summer produce and going to outdoor movies and concerts. I’m a weirdo and am actually very much looking forward to fall.

    1. I know, Loni! We were on the same wavelength today. I love fall, too- I just hope it lasts a while before the snow starts falling here! The farmer’s market and our own garden seem to be just hitting their peak. Yay! I do adore donning slippers in the chilly evenings already, though. 🙂

  3. You know? There is a common theme to your bliss: food, music, dog. So, the question for you, my dear, is, can bliss be found without food, music, or dog? If it can, please let me know ’cause I’ve nary a ONE. I’m really looking for bliss right now in a life of chaos… LOL

    Your last few pics make me squeeeeeee!! Rainbows. There’s nothing quite so awe-inspiring as being in the right place at the right time (41 degrees off the sun, with some water droplets in the midst, if I remember correctly from physics days) to view not one but TWO of those beauties. Such perfect captures too girl. Thank you for your bloggy love at just the right time. Just a few more days to go, and we’ll be home again.

    1. I’m SO glad to hear that the end of your difficult season is near! It can be so hard to find the bright side when you feel defeated, and you seem to have had one thing after another keep you down. Cheers to happier times ahead- and HOME!
      PS I’m not sure I could find proper bliss without a good meal, music, or my dog…

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