Bliss bits 9/11.

It’s BLISS BITS Wednesday!

Each Wednesday morning, I pour myself a steaming cup o’ joe, switch on the record player, and settle in to browse my photos from the week. I giggle and sigh at the miscellaneous moments that kept me smiling over the last seven days. Just making a point of seeking the happy things changes my mood. It’s no wonder Wednesdays are my favorite dates with The Usual Bliss. Take a peek at what had me sighing this morning…


Savoring the last days of al fresco coffee in the morning. Cold weather’s coming!


I explored a new trail this week. It’s peaceful. 


Fall is a gorgeous time to hike in Park City.


Cosmo’s Corner.


I went digging in a new vintage shop. Check out these tiny bottles!


My favorite roll is called the Copacabana (and I sing the song throughout dinner).


Rainy morning snuzzles. 


It rained A LOT this week. 


John makes a dish he calls “Huevos de Juanny”- this time, with green chiles!


I mended my favorite $12 Old Navy sweater so I could enjoy it for another season. 


Real life alert. 


The hillsides are a patchwork of color right now!


I’m in the market for a chair. What do you think of this gray one, with a yellow pillow?


Grilled pizza in the making. YUM.


This was my favorite of the two panini that dueled in our kitchen.


Darkened living room, thanks to the storm outside.


Wild America.




I wasn’t expecting this giant zucchini flower!


Testing these pieces of art against the dusty blue walls. I like how they pop.


I LOVE SLIPPERS SEASON. Intentional caps lock.


I need a moment alone with these.


Just another backyard sunset. No biggie.


Pretty sure my new favorite mug is actually a small pitcher, but I don’t care.


Clouds rolling in this morning. 

You know. Just the usual bliss. 

**As an American, it’s impossible to type “9/11” and not feel an empty pit in my stomach. I would be remiss not to mention that John and I recognize the significance of 9/11 and honor those who perished. Please read my post from one year ago and join me in remembering. Never forget.**

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  1. Love the pic of Cholula surrounded by her goodies! And adorable owl mug 🙂 Can’t wait for fall temps! It’s still in the 90s here in Chicago … grr!

    1. Sometimes, she pulls every last toy out of her toybox and brings them to us one by one. Like, “You guys! I forgot about this one! Remember this one??!”
      I cringe to mention that the toys in that photo are from one of FOUR toyboxes. Ooops.

    1. The roll I like has coconut tempura shrimp inside, some kind of tuna on the outside, cilantro, and this incredible habanero sauce… Mmm!
      It’s currently thundering and I smell rain outside…

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