Heading south.

The weather this week has been dreamy. Yesterday, the temperature hovered around 60 degrees. Spring daydreams were approaching reality! 

This morning, it’s snowing. 

Schizophrenic weather is common this time of year in Park City. Surprise snowstorms can happen into JUNE! But this little sunshine-spoiler isn’t bothering me today. In a couple of hours, we’ll be embarking on our first road trip of the season!

In the summer of 2011, John and I toted my dog, Zamboni, to a town called Boulder for a Memorial Day camping trip. The area, in southern Utah near Bryce Canyon and Zion, is filled with red sandstone and slot canyons. While the nasty wind that weekend drove us home a day early (and ultimately led to our search for Betty), we had a magical couple of days filled with sunshine, hikes, desert wildflowers, stunning vistas, multitudes of caterpillars, and possibly the best breakfast I’ve ever had. Take a peek!


Just beautiful, right?

It’s a tad early for camping yet, so we’ll be staying in a little cabin for a few nights in Boulder before heading toward another of my favorite places on earth: Durango. We’ll be gone for a whole week, exploring desert trails with Cholula and then savoring time with dear friends and family. We don’t really have a set plan, but whatever comes our way will be FUN. Even if it keeps snowing.

But I hope it doesn’t. 

**Stay tuned for updates from the road! Follow me on Instagram (@mrshowiepc) for trip highlights!**


  1. I wish I could go with you! It snowed here today. =/ I’m ready for sunshine and warmth again.

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