Project 30: ME.

Do you follow the lovely Kate’s blog, “365 til 30“?

It was one of the first blogs I fell in love with. Kate was on a massive road trip with her friend, writing about their experiences. I was smitten by her joyful spirit of adventure, inspired by two women seeking fun. I read along as she crossed big items off of her Life List before she hit the milestone age of 30. And now, after a romantic proposal by her sweetheart, she’s started a new journey- one toward becoming a wife. 

Kate lives a life that I imagine would be similar to mine if I still lived in sunny Southern California. I know we’ll meet in person someday- we’ve got a lot in common! Through the magic of Blog Land, we’ve become friends. So when she asked me to participate in her new interview series, “Project 30,” I jumped at the chance.

Take a peek at my feature on 365 til 30 today, in which I contemplate my 20s versus my 30s. I’m kind of surprised I remember my 20s at all!

Thanks for including me, Kate!

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