Today’s dilemmas:

Dayquil or Chinese herbs? (Herbs. 5 tablets 4 times a day.)


Sleep more or hot shower? (Sleep. Then shower. Then sleep.)

Coffee or tea? (Both. It’s not worth the caffeine headache to skip the Joe.)

Honey Vanilla Chamomile or Red Zinger? (Red Zinger. I drank all of the Honey Vanilla Chamomile.)


Outside or Sunset? (Sunset. Then Outside.)


White slippers or brown? (Whichever are closest.)


A fast-moving head cold took me down HARD last night. Here is my current scene:


Within an hour of dropping off Vanessa at the airport, I was tucked in with my favorite blankie, hugging the box of tissues like a teddy bear. In my foggy daze, I misguided us to the wrong theater so we missed a Sundance movie. Laying in bed last night, unable to breathe, the ad for Nyquil kept running through my head: “Sniffling sneezing coughing aching stuffy head fever so you can REST medicine…” I didn’t rest much.

Maybe because I didn’t take Nyquil.

I’ve got more Sundance stories to share with you. (Sadly, none of them involve James Franco.) But I need to rest, so you’ll have to wait. For now, I’ve got another dilemma…

“When Harry Met Sally” or “You’ve Got Mail”?

Sending happy, healthy vibes to all of you!

*Do tell: What is your absolute favorite chick flick?*


  1. I recently watched The Five Year Engagement (while I was sick with a terrible head cold) and LOVED it. It’s filmed in San Francisco, and I think watching a movie that’s filmed in your home city makes it a bit more exciting, but the story is sweet, authentic and refreshing in the RomCom genre. I recommend it. Feel better!

  2. I’m sorry I got you sick 😦 . I’m stuck at my desk in need of Nyquil too. And wait, you missed the movie last night?!

  3. Pride and Prejudice – the one with Colin Firth in it that is about 6 hours long. Dirty Dancing. The Katharine Hepburn version of Little Women. I’m sure there are more but I can’t see my DVD shelf (am at work).

  4. Oh no, you got sick again, not cool, I hope you’re feeling better soon. As far as movies go I wouldn’t call them chick flicks but when I need to just sit and try to get better I almost always end up with Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Spanglish, Get Him to the Greek, The Five Year Engagement or Fifty First Dates… I like to try and keep it light!

  5. Sick again?! Oh, no! Too much celebrity excitement! 😦
    My favorite chick flick is Amelie – it never fails to transport me.
    I’m sending you so many healthy vibes!

  6. The Wedding Planner, hands down. I got hooked when I was like 14 and even though I can recognize all the awful things about it now–hello, cheating on your fiance–I love it still.
    Hoping that cold blows on through!

  7. Oh, this stupid cold that’s going around!

    Incidentally, a co-worker just walked over and gave me a jar of Chinese herbs. My instructions say to take 3 tablets 5 times a day and “drink with tepid, boiling water.” I’m totally trying it.

    Fave chick flicks: Clueless, The Holiday (adorable movie where Kate Winslet swaps houses with Cameron Diaz), and new indie comedies like Lola Versus and Bachelorette (Isla Fisher and Kirsten Dunst).

    And Jurassic Park. No lie.

  8. Feel better, Amber! I am partial to “When Harry Met Sally” but you just can’t go wrong with Meg Ryan! Can’t wait to hear more Sundance stories.

  9. Thanks for all of the love and also great movie selections! I ended up watching To Rome with Love (adorable Woody Allen movie), Spanglish, and Oprah’s interview with Drew Barrymore. I have Amelie recorded… looks like today might be another movie day. Sniffle sniffle

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