Busy signal.

I am swimming in To-Do lists.


I apologize for being absent this week. I count eight different lists on my desk right now. That’s insane! Many of them are mostly crossed off, though, because the wedding week is upon us!


That’s not the clean-up after a huge party. It’s wedding prep! I wouldn’t call myself a “do-it-yourself” crafty bride by any means. But the few details I did take on myself were somewhat time-consuming (and actually pretty therapeutic).


Thank goodness for delish Pork Chile Verde in the freezer! (Stay tuned this season for that recipe…. it’s a keeper!)

I’m not going to share too many detailed photos of the really fun stuff, because I want it to be awesome for our guests to experience. I promise to tell all next week! By tomorrow, all of the loose ends will be tied up. And on Wednesday, as the first guests trickle in and the first event of the love-fest weekend is scheduled, it won’t matter what’s left on my lists.

Because vows are written. The marriage license is waiting to be signed into official-ness. There’s a pretty dress. And fancy shoes. A stunning suit and a couple of rings. That’s really all we need to get hitched. That, and each other.

Everything else is just frosting on the (wedding) cake. 

*A quick congrats to my bloggy friend Kate, who is wearing something new and sparkly on a significant finger! So excited for her!*

(P.S. Did I mention it might snow…?)



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