Is it weird to reblog my own post? One year ago, John was attempting to propose marriage to me. It didn’t go quite as planned, but makes a great story. A mere 9 days before we get married, the timing seemed perfect to share. Take a look!

the usual bliss

John proposed to me on my birthday in January at Sundance Resort, here in Utah.

But that was Plan B.

As I learned months afterward, he’d been plotting a romantic proposal that involved bathing suits, margaritas, and our passports. But a pesky little hurricane thwarted his plans.

Putting together thoughts on paradise for my guest post on 360 til 30 had me up to my neck in beach photos. My favorites are from our trip to the Yucatan Peninsula last October. We arrived at our hotelito, a teeny resort called Mezzanine on a dirt road in Tulum. I had stalked the website for weeks prior to the trip, and it exceeded my dreams! We were greeted with a margarita and a ridiculous view from our patio.




We spent the next five days with powdery white sand between our toes, exploring the nearly deserted coastline and frolicking in the warm aqua…

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