Bliss bits 10/17.

It’s BLISS BITS Wednesday!

I have so much to be blissful about right now.

Here’s a peek into the little things that made me smile this week!


Spotting a darn-close replica of the car I drove in high school. I still dream about it. 


Pumpkins in the bathroom. And everywhere else. (I’m cut off.)


A reminder to “be soft”- the message is awesome, even with a typo.


Three new biographies I cannot WAIT to dive into. Honeymoon reading…?


My maiden name on John’s gun strap. It’s a SIGN. 


Treat time during Cholula’s first bike ride/run with Papa.


A fun little corner of my closet.


Little Miss Supermodel upstaging the fog last week.


A cow, judging me on my first run in 15 years. I’m totally faster than he is.


 Pinot Gris makes me happy.


Golden leaves and sunshine.


Say what you will about the Mormon church- it made for a pretty picture today.


Another solo lunch date. Delish.


Pedicure heaven. I stayed a few extra minutes in the massage chair today. 


Words to live by.

You know. Just the usual bliss.

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  1. Love that quote about not letting the world make you hard. After you mentioned, the typo I had to reread it to catch it 😉 good call! Where are you two headed on your honeymoon? Wherever it is, I’m sure it’s going to be an adventure!

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